Indian KTM street bikes will be substantially more expensive

KTM India recently announced the latest price increases for the range of motorcycle Duke, RC and Adventure. This is the third time an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer has raised prices across the model range in 2021 alone. The price increase from July is due to soaring raw material costs due to a shortage of supply due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Looking at things in more detail, the KTM 125 Duke is currently at Rupee 10,000, or $ 134 after the price increase. This nails KTM’s most affordable motorcycle at a cost equivalent to Rs 170,000, or $ 2,281 USD. This has a serious disadvantage to Japan’s competition, with bikes like the Suzuki Gixer 250 costing about as much as the KTM 125 Duke. Going forward, the KTM 390 Duke is worth Rs 11,000 (US $ 150) and returns to a steep price of Rs 287,000, or $ 3,851.

Sports bike The RC 390 will be disappointing for enthusiasts as it will be one of the biggest price increases in the lot with a price increase of Rs 11,000, or $ 150. This brings the retail price of this sharp little sport bike to 277,517 rupees, or about US $ 3,724. The small bikes in the RC Sport Bike series have the least price increases and the least lots, the RC 125 is up 10,000 rupees (US $ 134) and the RC200 is up 2,253 rupees (US $ 30). This will lock the new RC125 and RC200 price tags at 180,538 rupees (US $ 2,423) and 208,602 rupees (US $ 2,800), respectively.

KTM390 Adventure Action 2

Finally, KTM’s small-capacity adventure lineup of 250 and 390 adventures will also be raised. 250 Adventure is only 256 rupees, a very small increase of US $ 3. Meanwhile, the 390 Adventure was hit by a large hike of Rs 11,423 (US $ 153), and the price in front of the showroom soared to Rs 328,286 ($ 4,406).

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