IIMB and ARAI foster technology-based start-ups

NSRCEL, the incubation arm of IIM Bangalore (IIMB), has signed the Indian Automobile Research Association (ARAI) and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Pune through TechNovuus, ARAI’s innovation development platform.

The collaboration aims to foster technology-based ventures and start-ups and provide shared services to help shape new business models in India. The two experienced signatories will also work to actively influence the technology-based startup ecosystem by providing mentorship in the technology and business domains. This helps up-and-coming mobility-based startups and entrepreneurs achieve sustainable business growth in the Indian startup landscape.

“We are very proud of our relationship with ARAI and look forward to mutually exploring new areas of collaboration to strengthen the country’s startup ecosystem. ARAI is India’s leading automotive research. Anand Sri Ganesh, a development organization and COO of NSRCEL for our association, said:

Under this partnership, NSRCEL will provide business mentorship to technology-based startups, and ARAI and its mentors will provide NSRCEL startups with technology mentorship of mobility solutions on a case-by-case basis.

In addition, IIMB will also provide business mentorship to startups in the ARAITech Novuus ecosystem. In addition, each institution develops its own mentor pool and appoints mentors.

“This collaboration opens up new opportunities for ventures to take their technology and solutions to the next level by leveraging ARAI’s experience, expertise and equipment. TechNovuus’ rich resource pool and segment-wide idea development And with NSRCEL’s solid track record of successfully shaping its business model, we are looking forward to helping ventures achieve scalable growth through this association, “said ARAI Director. Dr. Reji Mathai said.

In addition, both agencies may work together to describe issues, identify issues, and assist in assessing technology in the area of ​​mobility.

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IIMB and ARAI foster technology-based start-ups
IIMB and ARAI foster technology-based start-ups IIMB and ARAI foster technology-based start-ups

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