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If your author needs another Volkswagen quality remedy

Oh, good luck! It’s been over a year since the 2019 VW Golf Sports Wagen update seen here.In the last article I was full Optimistic With a problem-free ownership outlook for years. After all, certainly all the twists were resolved in the end golf of this model, which had been in production since 2013.

Spoilers: I was wrong.

I will speed you up in case you miss it. After December 2019 Purchase In golf, which was rigorously tested by CPO, I noticed that I often click on the headliner.literally many Later, when I went to the dealer, the cause was identified. An improperly hardened factory headliner where the area above the driver’s head is too thin. The headliner was cracked. The pieces clicked into each other with a dissonant plastic dissonance. I got a whole new headliner when I needed it.

And now a new problem has arisen! Where do you think the problem lies? Crude turbo? Bad window regulator? No, it’s in the roof again. It started a few weeks ago when I noticed a musty smell when I got into the car. It is a kind of “plant-based” musty odor that will disappear after the car has been driven at any distance. At this time of the year, in Ohio, small pieces were crazy falling from trees, so I thought some of the wood was stuck inside or under the floor mats. I thought I would clean the mat and the carpet underneath and give it a day to settle into the scent of regular vinyl Volkswagen.

Ah, no way. The next time I got in the car (last week), the smell was worse than ever. I thought something was wet and checked around the carpet, sill, cargo area and spare tire. There is no humidity! What do you get? Then, by chance, when I was about to retreat from the driveway, I glanced at the headliner. Behold, a nasty sight.

Flood damage. Just before the hatch, along the width of the headliner. The affected area is probably up to about 5 inches deep and is included in that area for one simple reason: I park on a slight slope of the driveway. I booked an appointment with the dealer right away, but the earliest I was able to get in was the coming Friday, May 14th.

The roof is leaking or you are playing golf Sunroof drain pinch problem. The TSBs listed there only cover until 2018. However, 2019 is the same, and some studies have updated the TSB to include 2019. It seems that the drain hose is sandwiched between the foam blocks that support the headliner, and of course H2O is generated. Well, in the roof. I think the placement of the drain from the factory was good, but the installment payment of the new headliner caused a pinch. And this year, only the heavy rains in spring attracted attention.

Golf currently has about 8,000 miles, so you need a second headliner, right? We’ll check by the end of this week, but hope the dealer service department won’t put off repairs. I made a reservation for the same service manager as before. I wish you good luck.

[Images: Corey Lewis / The Truth About Cars] If your author needs another Volkswagen quality remedy

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