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Hummer burns just one foot from the gas pump after stockpiling fuel in the trunk

The Citrus County Fire Rescue Team found the exact scene when something that looked like a Hummer H2 burned in Homo Sassa, Florida on Wednesday. Everyone is warned.. The vehicle driver had just filled multiple containers of gasoline that looked like a panic buy, but wasn’t far from the pump before the fuel ignited. Paramedics contained the fire about 10 minutes after arrival, and although injured were reported, they refused medical transport, contrary to the advice of field workers.

The· Citrus County Chronicle A phone call came in at 10:52 am local time to warn 911 of the incident and locations near South Alabama Avenue and West Grover Cleveland Boulevard. In a photo published by Citrus County Fire Rescue, you can see that there is a fuel station in the background, only a few yards away to cause an even bigger explosion.

The fire brigade found four five-gallon fuel-filled containers behind Hummer melting and turning black from the flames. They cleared the scene within three hours and Florida Fire Marshal is currently investigating the situation.So I couldn’t comment when I was contacted drive..

According to a Reddit post, a driver lit a cigarette in Hummer and burned fuel, but the incident record does not provide details.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection was asked to coordinate the purification of spilled fuel.The gas seems to have been properly stored, but I can’t say about many other viral moments in it. East coast fuel shortage.. We hope that the colonial pipeline is back in operation, reducing the number of people who buy in large quantities unnecessarily.I don’t have a plastic bag..

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