How Warehouses Streamline Recruiter Safety Training During Peak Seasons

Supply chain insecurity is the mainstream news for this peak retail season. As of October 5 55 ships moored off California.. Major retailers are preparing the public for an imminent shortage. Truck drivers, on the other hand, are working hard to meet their constant demand. CEO of MGA Entertainment, the world’s leading toy maker Said recently, “Everything that can go wrong doesn’t work at the same time”

However, when cargo arrives at the dock, labor shortages in warehouses further stagnate trucking and intermodal product distribution throughout North America, despite additional seasonal employment. As e-commerce continues to skyrocket, so does the demand for warehouse space and skilled warehouse labor. Companies such as Prologis are taking steps to meet the needs of their workers. Industrial warehouse operators have launched a training program with 25,000 logistics employees.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that distribution and logistics employment from 2019 to 2022 Expected to grow by almost 30%.. By 2031 735,000 workers It will be added to the warehousing and distribution industry.

Added by Michaels, a retailer of arts and crafts 20,000 store and warehouse workers This holiday season ⁠ — 25% more than last year — Coles has added a similar number to last year’s 90,000 seasonal workers. At the same time, these employers are tasked with strengthening safety training for all these new workers.

Supply chain GM Mark Stanton said: Solution, PowerFleet.

according to Labor Statistics Bureau, Forklift-related accidents cause more than 7,000 non-fatal injuries each year, and there are also holidays. In addition, between 2011 and 2017, more than 600 workers died in forklift-related incidents.Occupational Safety and Health Department Training rules To prevent improper stacking of goods, repetitive motion damage, and unsafe use of forklifts. Forklift accidents are the most common warehouse breach reported to OSHA, and multiple breaches can lead to serious fines. Repeated violations over a three-year period can cost more than $ 136,000, not to mention the fines that can result from workers’ accident compensation lawsuits.

“The use of telematics helps us enforce safety policies, checklists, OSHA compliance, and control operator access to forklifts,” says Stanton. “This helps managers track equipment maintenance and utilization at each facility and compare it to the corporate average. This helps equipment in facilities where demand may increase during peak seasons. You can informed where to assign. “

Telematics providers like PowerFleet provide best-in-class solutions that can lock out unauthorized operators and provide centralized reporting, allowing administrators to easily check compliance, track trends, and take responsibility. Can be avoided. Other forklift safety features include LED safety lights, speed and abuse monitoring, weighing systems, camera systems, and pedestrian warnings. These systems help keep operators, pedestrians, equipment and facilities safe.

PowerFleet IQ is ancillary analytical software that easily integrates with WMS and ERP systems, providing a comprehensive and practical overview of warehousing operations. Analysis helps reduce forklift-related damage costs by 60-90%. PowerFleet IQ analysis shows important forklifts such as the percentage of impact events per vehicle operating time, the percentage of vehicle lockouts due to serious safety issues, and the percentage of vehicle lockouts due to an operator failing to complete before the shift. And a safety checklist that provides KPIs for safety indicators for material handling equipment. This detailed visibility allows managers and operators to see who is driving safely and who needs more training.

Visibility of forklift data not only improves safety, but also optimizes equipment use across locations in a way that streamlines operations and promotes profitability. The analysis helps identify the activity gap between the number of forklifts available at each site and the number of peaks actually in use at a given time. Intelligence on actual material handling equipment usage allows administrators to properly size fleets, reallocate equipment to busy or growing sites, and reassign staff to other jobs. Useful.

Click for more information on how telematics streamlines safety training and equipment use in warehousing operations. here.. How Warehouses Streamline Recruiter Safety Training During Peak Seasons

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