How to Prepare for a Long Journey: Simple Tips for Drivers and Passengers

Most drivers are in love with the road and their car and can spend hours without feeling tired, but when it comes to a long journey, the road becomes an ordeal. And if there is a trip together with friends or family, most drivers remember such experiences reluctantly and for the second time, choose not their car but a plane or a train as a transport. But everything can be different if you stick to some simple rules.

Tips for Passengers

If the driver behind the wheel is tired mentally and physically, the passengers, especially in the back seat, experience great psychological discomfort from a long trip. Try to entertain yourself during the trip and remember the basic rules:

Taking turns driving if the passenger has good driving experience is a good option. It’s best to agree on swap hours before you start your trip – this will eliminate misunderstandings during the trip.

Check the Route

No one says that it’s necessary to drive on the selected route in advance, but seeing all available videos on the Internet and studying the navigator on the state of the road is necessary. A long trip is different from a trip to the nearest lake for fishing.

The route to the destination is laid with stops. For comfort, choose routes through cities, where you can stop for overnight stays.

It’s not superfluous to look at the reviews of drivers who constantly use the chosen route. The navigator may not indicate inoperable crossings or current repairs on the road, so study your route carefully, book hotel rooms in advance, if overnight stays are planned.

When to Leave

Going on a trip, you need to tune in to the fact that the vacation has already begun, so you need to leave early in the morning, but be well rested. The car and cargo should be prepared the day before.

Checking the Car

In order for the trip to go comfortably, inspect the car and prepare it. The most difficult and unpleasant thing that can happen to a family going on vacation is a breakdown on the way. It is necessary to check the quality of oil, brake fluid, the work of all units of the car without exception, tire pressure, etc.

One should take care about the comfort of the passengers, especially children. Such a problem, as a broken fan on the road for adults is just an inconvenience, but the little passenger will suffer.

Things You Need

Even one night out shouldn’t turn into torture when you accidentally forgot a change of shoes, a warm sweater or a set of batteries. Here’s what you need to take with you to make you feel comfortable:

For comfort, have an audio book in the cabin – both the driver and passengers can quickly get bored with music, a book will help pass the time on the road.

Diet Food

If you don’t plan a long day’s stop, it’s better to forget about the dense fatty lunch. After such a meal, the body wants to rest, and one gets drowsy and relaxed.

If you don’t plan to sleep an hour or two after a meal, then during the trip limit yourself to eating and get up from the table half-starved. Boiled eggs, honey, chocolate, and dried fruit are suitable as a hiking meal. Coffee and tea should be used in moderation, as coffee hyperactivity can lead to severe psychological fatigue after a day.

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