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How long does it take to charge Tesla?

You may be unfamiliar with EV ownership or Especially Tesla, Or you may be doing some research before taking a welcome leap to zero-emission transport. Regardless of the reason for your visit, here you are wondering, “How long does it take to charge Tesla?” The answer isn’t as simple as you’d like to hear, but we have the privilege of breaking down everything you need to know below.

How to charge Tesla

To really understand that it doesn’t take long and time to charge Tesla, I’d like to start with the next simple course. Different charge levels and their differences.. This is a major factor related to the time it takes to charge an EV, whether or not it’s actually Tesla.

Level 1 AC charging

Imagine level 1 as a universal charging option. If you have a standard wall outlet nearby, you can charge your Tesla with it. That said, 120V is the minimum amount of juice that can be drawn into an EV. So if you’re wondering how long it will take to charge the 2021 Tesla Long Range Model 3, you’re looking at days instead of hours. Not ideal.

Level 2 AC charging

Level 2 chargers are the most common type found in. Third party public charging stationAlthough DC quick chargers continue to expand their presence (more in a minute). At home, a 240V plug typically provides about 40 amps, but can go up to 80 and is usually placed more specifically compared to a standard 120V outlet.

Think of this charger as the equivalent of a dryer or other large household appliances. Tesla suggests installing a Level 2 charger in your home or garage if the owner allows. It’s pretty easy for electricians and professionals to come and install.

At level 2, we see a much faster speed compared to level 1. We are talking for hours instead of days.

Tesla Supercharger Station

Tesla Supercharger (DC Quick Charge)

Tesla Supercharger Unique charging station Developed and implemented by Tesla. As a result, automakers do not have to rely on third-party charging networks like most automakers currently making electric vehicles. However, some third-party chargers offer adapter plugs for the Tesla EV.

These Level 3 chargers eliminate the alternating current (AC) scheme described above and connect power directly to the mainline. They need more power from the grid (480+ volts and 100+ amps), but their output is really “super”.

Okay, it sounds fancy, but how long does it take the supercharger to charge the Tesla? Today, most Tesla superchargers can charge up to 200 miles in just 15 minutes, depending on the charging speed. These DC charging speeds range from 90kW to 250kW, depending on. The supercharger station where you are.

If you’re using the Tesla app or the vehicle itself, you can search for a nearby supercharger station to see the available stalls and their current output. Navigation is also useful. Tesla’s built-in trip planner It is designed to automatically route through a supercharger on its way to its destination.

For more information on the Tesla supercharger, we’ve put together Extensive guide here..

How long does it take to charge Tesla?

In summary, many factors are involved in accurately figuring out how long it will take to charge a shiny Tesla. Battery capacity, charging method, and available power output are all determined by how quickly you can unplug and return to public roads.

Here’s a breakdown of the charging methods and the approximate time it takes for Tesla to fully charge after it’s completely dead.

  • Level 1 AC (120V outlet at home): 20-40 hours
  • AC Level 2 (Third Party Charger / Tesla Charger / Tesla Home Charger): 8-12 hours
  • Level 3 DCFC (Tesla Supercharger): 15-25 minutes

As you can imagine, Tesla’s supercharged network is perfect, especially in a pinch. However, due to its large direct current (DC), superchargers are not recommended for daily charging.

Instead, it is installed to provide fast charging for drivers on the go and drivers on long-distance road trips. Tesla recommends level 2 charging at home if possible.


Hopefully, you’ve better understood the many factors that control how long Tesla charges.Model Y Long Range Model S plaid, You have a better idea of ​​what to prioritize when charging your Tesla depending on the time you have, where you are, and where you inevitably need to be Should have

If you’re new to EVs and Tesla and are doing some research, this should also help.Now you just have to Decide which model is best for you..

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