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How Koenigsegg reinvented the CC850 manual transmission

of Koenigsegg CC850 Debuted in August 2022 Monterey Car Week It’s a reimagining of the Swedish company’s first production car, and one of the highlights is its one-of-a-kind transmission.

The CC850 is 9 speed lightspeed transmission from Koenigsegg Jesko, but has a new Engage Shifter System (ESS) that converts the automatic transmission to a 6-speed manual (although it still retains the 9-speed full automatic mode).this Engineering description The video details Koenigsegg’s reinvented manual.

First, there are mechanical differences. The ESS gearbox has a clutch pedal like a traditional manual, but it’s bi-wire and instead of having one clutch, the ESS has seven. and eliminates the need for synchros. And since there is no flywheel, the engine is directly connected to the transmission.

Koenigsegg CC850

The clutch spans two shafts. In automatic mode, his one clutch on each shaft engages to transmit power to the rear wheels, and he activates all nine forward gears without the need for an otherwise very complicated shifting mechanism. increase. Like the clutch, the shifter is a bi-wire device.

The CC850 also allows manual shifting of the transmission by moving the shift lever through a gate, similar to a traditional manual gearbox. Pressing the clutch pedal releases all seven clutches. For engagement he needs two clutches, but in this case the position sensor in the shifter controls the first clutch, and when he presses the clutch pedal he controls the second.

In addition, the ratio corresponding to each gear number also changes depending on the drive mode. For example, in track mode the transmission initially starts him in the 2nd gear ratio, but when he starts he switches to the 3rd gear ratio. This effectively tightens the ratio spread without physically swapping gears.

As for reverse, it depends on whether the car is driven in automatic or manual mode. The driver uses the clutch pedal in manual mode and does not use it in automatic mode. The transmission also knows the car is in automatic mode because reverse is positioned directly above drive in the shift pattern.

The clutch pedal is by-wire and has no mechanical connection to many physical clutches, but is designed to simulate the feel of an analog left pedal. That feel is reproduced by software based on traditional manual parameters. It even has a real stall.

That means you get the convenience of an automatic, the feel of a manual in one transmission, and Koenigsegg claims it’s lighter than a traditional manual. Going from 9th gear in automatic mode to 6th gear in manual mode can result in a large gap between ratios, which is addressed by the tighter ratio set used in track mode. Customers don’t seem concerned about potential shortcomings. Koenigsegg has already announced it. Increased production of CC850 to meet robust demand. How Koenigsegg reinvented the CC850 manual transmission

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