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How Honda’s new wind tunnel will affect IndyCar

“Top when it comes to indicators for two facilities [wind] Speed ​​is one of the key attributes, “Wetzel said. Automotive News.. He said Honda’s new wind tunnel has a technology not found in other tunnels.

“Some other features here in the tunnel are [race] The course is measured. it’s a little different. When testing a car in a wind tunnel, we are trying to measure aerodynamic force, downforce, and drag. One of the features of the HALO tunnel is that it can actually measure the drag under the rolling road module. It will be a unique feature. “

In other words, a sensor that measures the aerodynamic resistance of a car can eliminate the drag caused by the rolling resistance of the tire. Engineers can also measure the air coming out of the car and the air around it.

“You can attach any number of flow probes capable of all kinds of measurements. [airflow]And it helps to understand why aerodynamics come from different parts of the car, “Wetzell added. How Honda’s new wind tunnel will affect IndyCar

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