How Argo AI is about to spread the wings of self-driving

Argo AI, a self-driving technology company, has a comprehensive collection of self-driving car products and services designed for commercial use to fit fleets and all types of vehicles.

In addition to self-driving technology, the Pittsburgh-based company’s products include vehicle and fleet management systems and data analytics platforms for vehicles used in ride-hailing and delivery services.

Algo, primarily funded ford motor company When Volkswagen Groupis testing self-driving technology on public roads in Pittsburgh. Detroit; Austin, Texas; Miami; Palo Alto, California; Munich; and Hamburg, Germany. The company also Public pilot program with Lyft in Miami When Walmart in Austin and Miami.

Argo uses the Ford Escape crossover and Ford Fusion hybrid sedan in U.S. testing and electric vehicles. German VW ID Buzz Van.

Brett Browning, Argo’s chief technology officer and executive vice president of product development, said:

Argo’s autonomous driving technology is available in four categories: Connect Systems, Autonomy Platform, Autonomy Solutions and Autonomy Data and Analytics.

Argo describes Connect as a gateway to its self-driving technology. Connect enables companies to integrate their technology into existing services through application programming interfaces.

Connect is also a scheduling and dispatch tool and handles customer-facing services such as unlocking vehicle doors.

The Argo Autonomy Platform includes all the hardware, software, mapping and backend support needed to enable businesses to operate self-driving vehicles on public roads.

It includes:

• Argo Drive hardware and software analyzes the self-driving car’s surroundings, senses other road users, anticipates their behavior, and steers and brakes accordingly.

• Argo Lidar, which provides 360-degree sensing around the vehicle. Designed and manufactured by Argo.

• Argo Map provides high-definition street-level renderings of traffic infrastructure, such as roads and speed limit signs, in the cities Argo is testing. Argo spokeswoman Catherine Johnsmeyer said:

• Argo Hub for AV remote troubleshooting and guidance using cloud-based communications and other technologies.

Argo’s fleet operations system, Argo Autonomy Solutions, includes data collection, sensor calibration, vehicle maintenance, terminal and personnel management. According to the company, Argo Autonomy Solutions can accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Argo Autonomy Data and Analytics collects data about vehicles to improve autonomous driving operations and provide insights into vehicle performance. It will also enable companies to improve vehicle logistics and operations, and help the city government better manage his AVs on the road, said Argo.

“We have already proven our products and services through consumer programs with Lyft and Walmart, as well as our own development vehicles,” said Browning. How Argo AI is about to spread the wings of self-driving

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