Hot Shots: The best cargo-related social posts of the week

Every Friday, FreightWaves looks back on the week on social media, focusing on trucking, transportation and weather. This week features snowfall in southern Alaska, the collapse of a crane at a port in Taiwan, and a tractor trailer decorated for Memorial Day.

You have “memory”

On May 27, a truck crashed into an elevated road on Massachusetts Avenue on Storrow Drive in Boston. As a result, the trailer roof was torn to pieces and the road was closed for some time.

According to reports from the people of Beantown and WBZ-TV, it is common for trucks to get stuck under this overpass or cut it out. This is despite the signs and flashing lights warning the driver that the vehicle is low. People are nicknamed “subducting” these accidents. Straw Drive is a scenic road along the Charles River, just west of downtown.

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It’s a twister

A tornado was witnessed on Memorial Day weekend near Eleven Mile State Park in central Colorado. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), trained spotters saw a tornado over the 11-mile reservoir on Sunday, but no damage or injury was reported.

On the same day, the NWS received reports of two tornadoes in southeastern Colorado and dropped a hail about the size of a ping-pong ball. According to NWS data, Colorado has an average of 53 tornadoes each year, up from 12 in 1950. Public awareness.

Pole position

According to KTVT, Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (ICAO Code: DFW) American Airlines (NASDAQ: R) The plane collided with a streetlight on the runway. The plane headed for the Bahamas on Memorial Day.

The tip of the wing was damaged, and the impact caused the pole to fall. There were no injuries on board and the passengers switched to another plane.

It doesn’t snow

Less than three weeks after the summer solstice, there is still snow on the ground in southern Alaska. This shot faces the northeastern slopes of the Chugach Mountains, which are over 3,000 feet above sea level. The Chugach Mountains are about 150 miles east of Anchorage.

Climatologist Brian Brett Schneider, who tweeted a photo on Tuesday, told FreightWaves that it’s not uncommon for snow to pile up in the area at the end of spring. He said it was 33% in every year. I hope this photo doesn’t shake the warm weather lovers.


The Georgia trucking company adorned one of its big rigs with amazing Memorial Day artwork. A type of mural on the side of the trailer has a bald eagle in the center under the phrase “Faces of Freedom” and the faces of American and military personnel.

We pay tribute to Quest Trucking from Cartersville, Georgia, as a tribute to the soldiers who died in the war. The truck was found at the Loves Truck stop in Quana, Texas, about 130 miles southeast of Amarillo.

Note the following

The video that appeared on social media on Thursday Collapse of a large container crane Workers running for their lives at Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan. It happened around 11:00 am local time.

The accident was the result of one container ship diverting and wiping another container ship from the side. TVBS report.Dramatically video, A huge container crane suffered a catastrophic structural failure and collapsed into the dock. The container rolled like a domino as the debris fell.

One harbor worker suffered a laceration in his right arm. The crew said they had rescued two other dock workers trapped inside the crane. UDNAccording to witnesses, the man was traumatized but not seriously injured.

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