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Hook one of these bad Italian army watches before they leave

Italian watchmaker Unimatic Master of limited edition collaboration. Some are surprising and some feel natural, but the combination of branding and design always seems to be the right combination. The latest is a partnership with the Italian army called Esercito, a type that easily fits into the brand’s already rugged, often army-oriented atmosphere.

The three Unimatic x Esercito watches include two models made for the paratroopers of the Infantry Corps, in the form of a branded U1 or Modello Uno diver’s watch. However, instead of diving-oriented markings, each rotating bezel has Used as a compass.. Another major feature you will notice is the Paracadutisti insignia, which is prominently adorned on the dial above 6 o’clock. The bare stainless steel (~ $ 730) model is limited to 300 examples, and the more tactical black-painted version (~ $ 840) produces only 150 examples.

Unimatic x Esercito U1-PA watches are limited to 300 cases.



Only 150 black-painted Unimatic x Esercito U1-PAN production examples.


The third model of collaboration is U4, or Modello Quattro, confirmed here.. It is as water resistant as a diver’s watch, but its sterile steel bezel does not rotate and is intended to resemble a field watch. In its Esercito incarnation, it is specifically for the Italian Army Alpini mountain troops, and “Truppe Alpine” occupies less than 12 o’clock space where most brands place their own logo. Only 200 examples were created with this configuration, each priced at around $ 615.


Unimatic x Esercito U4-TA was “developed in honor of Comando Truppe Alpine, who is responsible for the mountain forces of the Italian Army Alpini.”


Although visually distinct and for different purposes, each of the three Unimatic x Esercito watches has about the same specifications. Each operates with a width of 40 mm, water resistance of 300 m, and a Seiko NH35A self-winding movement. They all feature the Esercito star logo on the closed caseback — and we must admit: their camouflage straps look pretty killer. At the time of writing, these limited edition watches are still available, but Unimatic collaborations are known to sell out in a short period of time, so stakeholders need to act quickly.

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