Honda Moto Italia and Moto.IT team up to create X-ADV cup

Honda Italy will co-sponsor the world’s first X-ADV Cup in Italy in June 2021 as countries reopen cautiously following a global pandemic. Since its introduction, And in combination with how many people have It seems that horseback riding was discovered Since COVID, such an event makes perfect sense.

The event will take place at the True Adventure Off-Road Academy of Marcello Romano in San Giorgio Piacentino. The event is co-sponsored by Italian motorcycle publisher Moto.IT, and reader entries submitted via social media will also participate in this one-off event.
Italian X-ADV owners are encouraged to post their photos and videos on social media to participate. Of course, it features their X-ADV. To qualify, you must post by June 16, 2021 using the hashtag #coppaxadv and tagging both Moto.IT and Honda Moto Italia.

At this time, in addition to the selection of readers to participate, we plan to participate in unspecified personalities from the world of sports, motojournalism, and the general motorcycle world. On the day, Honda Italia will provide all participants with an X-ADV to participate in a series of challenges. Perhaps all the details will be revealed near the event, or even on the day the event occurs. After all, adventure isn’t an adventure if you know exactly where you’re going, right?

Of course, if you own an X-ADV somewhere in the world, you must already be scooting all sorts of adventures. I’m in the US, so I’m not here in Scoot, so I don’t have that option — I wanted to. If you’re attending this event, we hope you’ll have the most exciting time in Piacenza’s picturesque valley, at the pace of its fascinating Scoot. Honda Moto Italia and Moto.IT team up to create X-ADV cup

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