Honda CL300 Scrambler debuts in China.Read more about specs, features and availability in India here

New Delhi, December 21: Japanese auto giant Honda has unveiled its new CL300 Scrambler motorcycle on the Chinese market. The new Honda CL300 Scrambler bike is aimed at bike enthusiasts looking for fun off-road-focused performance apart from street handling.

The new Honda CL300 is based on the highly popular Rebel 300 cruiser platform. Honda has provided many features and upgrades to this platform to make it an efficient off-roader. Let’s find out more about this new Honda motorcycle. The Hero Xpulse 200T 4V has been teased again. Learn more about specs, features and expected pricing here.

Honda CL300 Scrambler – All Details :

  • The CL300 Scrambler is equipped with 19-inch front wheels and 17-inch rear wheels.
  • The bike receives a new subframe that offers a taller, more upright stance.
  • The motorcycle gets a redesigned fuel tank for a sturdier visual appeal.
  • The bike also comes with a new one-piece long Scrambler seat.
  • The CL300 features a high-mounted exhaust style borrowed from its larger sibling, the CL500.
  • Under the hood, the Honda CL300 Scrambler offers a maximum power of 25.7bhp and a top speed of around 100 minutes. 125 kilometers per hour. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission.
  • The CL300 is sold in China in two variants, standard and premium.
  • The CL300 Scrambler Premium model adds features such as headlight cowls, hand guards, side number boards and a raised front mudguard.
  • Honda has yet to announce the price range of the CL300 in China. However, the price of the bike is expected to be in the affordable range. Honda Accord 2023 will have Google built-in to provide a better in-car experience.

Will the Honda CL300 Scrambler come to India?

The new Honda CL300 Scrambler is a fun off-road capable motorcycle that is very well suited for the Indian market. Unfortunately, the Rebel brand is not yet available on our shores, so we won’t see the CL300 in India, at least not in the near future. Nonetheless, Honda can certainly use the CB350 platform to offer something similar in India and really appeal to customers here.

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