Hedon x Bike Shed Club Racer collaboration

Following three successful collaborations with the Bikeshed Motorcycle Club in London, Heddon has announced a very limited release of the heroine Bikeshed Club Racer to commemorate the opening of Bikeshed LA.

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Founded in 2011, The Bike Shed is a gathering place for people of all disciplines to share their passion for motorcycles. Initially a gathering of enthusiasts curating custom bike shows, in 2015 we launched the East London venues for restaurants, clubs, retail stores and exhibition spaces. Backed by a thriving online and event business, bike sheds have become a common haven for motorcyclists who transcend traditional motorcycle tribalism.

In October of this year, The Bike Shed will open a new venue in the Arts District, downtown Los Angeles. 30,000 square feet of space with restaurants, bars, lounges, retail stores, exhibition spaces, hairdressers and tattoo shops.

Heddon shares a close relationship with Bikeshed, and both companies are prospering side by side. This collaboration celebrates this special bond. The helmet is based on the Heddon Heroine and is available in the Heroine Racer Bike Shed Club Racer Carbon Edition and the Heroine Bike Shed Classic Club 2021.

The carbon edition shell celebrates the weaving of carbon fiber construction with a simple sweep of metallic gold paint, the only ornament. The Classic Club is a fiberglass construction painted in white, black and gold.

The luxurious interior of Heddon on the inside is finished in black perforated leather. The other of this lid has a simple BSMC foil stamp on the crown.

Like all Heddon heroine racers, the Club Racer Carbon Edition benefits from anti-fog double lenses and a 3-channel ventilation system. The Classic Club Edition comes with a white Retro MX Peak. Hedon x Bike Shed Club Racer collaboration

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