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Hear Pagani Huayra R in orbit and scream for the first time

NS Pagani Huayra R For the first time, a truck test was filmed and you can hear the glory of a 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine.

Pagani lifted the veil Huayra R Back in March, I immediately released an animated video testing around the circuit. The video tried to duplicate the symphony produced by the high-revving V12, but it sounds even better in this video shot at the Monza circuit.

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The truck-only hypercar was developed in collaboration with HWAAG, and the powertrain is “the lightest, most powerful and efficient truck-ready V12 ever created,” with 838hp and 553lb-ft (750 Nm). It is said to output. Of torque. The engine revs up to 9,000 rpm and took more than two years to design and develop. The scale is tilted at 436 pounds (198 kg) and paired with a 176 pound (80 kg) 6-speed sequential transmission developed in collaboration with HWA AG.

Pagani is also proud of the fact that the Huayra R has four exhaust pipes of the same length, which helps to make it sound like last year’s F1 car.

Beyond giving Huayra A unique powertrain, Pagani is designed around a new monocoque. This results in a 16% increase in torsional stiffness and a 51% increase in flexural rigidity compared to Huayra on the road. With this monocoque, Pagani was able to reduce the overall dry weight of the truck car to just 2,315 pounds (1,050 kg).
 Hear Pagani Huayra R in orbit and scream for the first time

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