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Harley-Davidson has announced a new night star. This is an evolution of the sports star concept with a brand new air-cooled engine.

This is a brand new motorcycle, but one feature stands out. That is the Revolution Max 975T engine. This liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin is a small sibling of the Revolution Max 1250 on the Pan America 1250. Tested by MD last year.. The new 975cc power plant requires 90 horsepower and 70ft / lb of torque.

The new Nightstar is also equipped with the latest electronics packaging, ABS and traction control. The press release from Harley-Davidson is as follows:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (April 12, 2022) – The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightstar ™ model begins a new chapter in the Harley-Davidson Sportster® Motorcycle Story. A dramatic improvement in performance and design while being an accessible entry point for motorcycles and brands. This all-new motorcycle combines the silhouette of a classic Sportster model with the on-demand performance of the new Revolution® Max 975T powertrain, along with a number of the latest electronic rider aids and features. The 2022 Nightster model redefines the Sportster motorcycle experience for a new generation of riders.

Harley-Davidson Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Jochenzeitz said: “By building on the 65-year-old sports star heritage, Nightstar provides a canvas for creativity and personalization, providing new and existing riders with the ultimate platform for customization and expression. “

New Revolution Max 975T Powertrain

At the heart of the 2022 Nightster model is the new Revolution Max 975T powertrain. It’s a liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin that maintains a flat torque curve over a wide power band. Engine performance is designed to provide powerful acceleration and powerful power in the midrange. The length and shape of the intake speed stack, combined with the volume of the airbox, is tuned to maximize performance over the entire engine speed range. The variable valve timing phase profile of the dual overhead camshaft and intake valve is designed to match the performance of this engine.

Revolution Max975T engine specifications

  • Displacement 975cc
  • 90 HP (67 kW) @ 7500 RPM
  • 70 ft lbs (95 Nm) peak torque @ 5000 RPM
  • Bore 97mm x Stroke 66mm
  • Compression ratio 12: 1

Hydraulic valve rush adjustment ensures quiet operation and eliminates costly and complex service procedures. The internal balancer helps reduce engine vibrations, increase rider comfort and improve vehicle durability. The balancer is tuned to hold enough vibration to bring the motorcycle to life.

Strong agility

The Nightster model combines a light and lightweight chassis with a powerful engine tuned for powerful midrange performance. This is an ideal combination for navigating urban traffic and charging along curved back roads. Midfoot controls and low-rise handlebars put the rider in the center of the bike for a comfortable position. The height of the unloaded seat is 27.8 inches. The low seat height and narrow profile give most riders the confidence to park their feet flat.

The Revolution Max 975T powertrain is a central structural component of the Nightster motorcycle chassis, significantly reducing the weight of the motorcycle and providing a highly rigid chassis. The tail structure is made of lightweight aluminum. The swingarm is made of welded rectangular steel pipe and is the mounting point for dual rear shock absorbers.

The front suspension is a conventional fork with 41mm SHOWA® dual bending valves designed to bring the tires into contact with the road surface for improved handling performance. The rear suspension features dual outboard emulsion technology shock absorbers with coil springs and threaded collars for preload adjustment.

Enhanced rider safety

The Nightster model is equipped with Harley-Davidson Rider Safety Enhancement *. This is a collection of technologies designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction when accelerating, decelerating and braking. The system is electronic and utilizes the latest chassis control, electronic brake control, and powertrain technology. The three elements are:

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) Designed to prevent the wheels from locking when braking, it helps the rider maintain control when braking in straight and emergency situations. ABS works independently on the front and rear brakes to keep the wheels spinning and prevent uncontrolled wheel locks.
  • Traction Control System (TCS) It is designed to prevent the rear wheels from rotating excessively when accelerating. TCS can increase rider confidence when it rains, unexpected road changes impair available traction, or when riding on dirt roads. The rider can disable TCS in any ride mode when the motorcycle is stopped and the engine is running.
  • Drag Torque Slip Control System (DSCS) Is designed to regulate engine torque transmission and reduce excessive rear wheel slip under deceleration caused by the powertrain. This usually happens when the rider makes a sudden downshift gear change or quickly lowers the throttle on wet or slippery roads.

Selectable ride modes

The Nightster model offers selectable ride modes that electronically control the performance characteristics of the motorcycle and the level of technology intervention. Each ride mode consists of a specific combination of power supply, engine braking, ABS and TCS settings.

With a few exceptions, the rider can use the MODE button on the right controller to change the active ride mode when riding or stopping the motorcycle. When that mode is selected, an icon specific to each mode will appear on the device’s display.

  • Load mode Intended for daily use, it provides balanced performance. This mode provides more aggressive throttle response and midrange engine power than sports mode, with higher levels of ABS and TCS intervention.
  • Sport mode With full power and fastest throttle response, you get the potential performance of your motorcycle directly and accurately. TCS is set to the lowest level of intervention and engine braking is increased.
  • Rain mode It is designed to give the rider confidence in the rain and when traction is limited. Throttle response and power output are programmed to significantly reduce acceleration speed, engine braking is limited, and the highest levels of ABS and TCS intervention are selected.

A 3.1 gallon lightweight plastic fuel cell is located under the seat. What looks like a traditional fuel tank in front of the seat is the steel cover of the airbox. Lift the hinged locking seat to fill it with fuel. Placing the fuel cell under the seat optimizes the capacity of the engine intake airbox and reduces the weight of fuel in the chassis compared to the location of a traditional fuel tank. This lowers the center of gravity, improves handling and makes it easier to lift from the side. Stand.

The Nightster model features a 4.0 inch diameter circular analog speedometer with a built-in multifunction LCD display mounted on the handlebar riser. All LED lighting offers style and outstanding performance while at the same timeMake the motorcycle stand out to other drivers. Daymaker® LED headlamps are designed to create a uniform light spread and eliminate distracting hotspots. Rear brake / tail / signal LED combination LED lighting is on the rear fender (US market only).

Fresh design based on the classic form

From lean, low and powerful looking wheels, the all-new Nightstar model gives styling clues to the classic Sportster model. Most obvious are the exposed rear shock absorbers and the shape of the airbox cover, reminiscent of the iconic Sportster Walnut. Fuel tank. The round air intake cover, solo seat, chopped fender and speed screen are reminiscent of the elements of modern Sportster models, and the side cover that hides the fuel tank under the seat has the same shape as the previous Sportster oil tank. The Revolution Max powertrain is the centerpiece of the design, fringed with a snake exhaust header and finished with a textured metallic charcoal powder coat with gloss black inserts. The cover under the radiator hides the battery and makes the radiator inconspicuous. The wheel finish is satin black. Paint color options include Vivid Black, Gunship Gray, and Red Line Red. The Gunship Gray and Red Line Red color options apply only to the airbox cover. The front and rear fenders and speed screen are always finished in vivid black.

Genuine Harley-Davison® Motor Parts & Accessories has created a variety of accessories for Nightstar motorcycles designed to improve fit, comfort and style.

The Nightster model will arrive at Harley-Davidson® authorized dealers worldwide from April 2022. The US suggested retail prices are $ 13,499 (Vivid Black) and $ 13,899 (color option).

Harley-Davidson represents the adventure of the soul and the timeless pursuit of freedom.Move to Learn more about the complete line of 2022 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, gear, accessories and more.

* Disclaimer: The traction available depends on the road / tire interface. The system can only adjust the braking pressure or powertrain torque so that the force exerted on the tire does not exceed the available grip. These technologies do not have the ability to improve grip, intervene when the rider is not applying the brakes or throttle, or directly influence the direction of the vehicle. The rider is ultimately responsible for steering, speed and path correction.

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