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Hamilton’s “to do” after a setup mistake step in the second USGP practice

Lewis Hamilton set up in the wrong direction for changes made to his car during a practice session at the United States Grand Prix and he to get it where he needed it for the rest of the weekend. He says he’s leaving the work to be done to him.

Valtteri Bottas beat the time in FP1 and two Mercedes drivers kicked Hamilton in just 0.045 seconds in a session almost two seconds away from the rest of the field. Sergio Perez was the fastest in the afternoon session with Hamilton in third place behind Lando Norris, so the strong start didn’t continue.

“In general, it was a good day, but unfortunately we can still do it,” Hamilton said. “Well, unfortunately that’s the status quo. P1 was a really good session and we made some changes but weren’t happy with P2. And still not at a very bad pace, we’re some to everyone. I think they lost the ground or they got the ground, so as always, there are some things to do tonight. “

The challenge on Friday was hot, but Hamilton believes the team will have more trouble wearing tires this year in Austin, even if it’s cool.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily hot. I think it’s literally just a rougher road surface. Well, the tires … have a hard time keeping the tires cool. It’s almost impossible, so probably before. There are more frequencies than I have experienced.

“It’s definitely difficult because you’re actually trying to get a quali setup, and because you’re trying to get a setup that works for the long term. It’s not easy. Generally, setup isn’t an easy car, but from today I think I made a lot of discoveries. I should be able to navigate well. “

Bottas penalizes fifth place grid for using the sixth internal combustion engine (ICE), and Hamilton, the third in four races, will take another penalty this season after winning a new ICE in Turkey. He said he wasn’t worried about the possibilities.

“I got a new engine right now, so … I’m just focusing on one race at a time,” he said.

Offer is Hamilton’s “to do” after a setup mistake step in the second USGP practice

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