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Hamilton and Vettel take a stance on LGBTQ + rights in Hungary

Both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are in opposition to recent legislative changes targeting the Hungarian LGBTQ + community ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend.

The latest of many Hungarian anti-homosexual laws was passed last month, banning the portrayal of homosexuality to persons under the age of 18. That’s after another law was introduced last year banning the hiring of homosexual couples — where the country doesn’t allow gay marriage — and Hamilton uses Instagram to call the latest move “cowardly”. , Asked for change.

“To everyone in this beautiful country of Hungary,” Hamilton wrote. “Before this weekend’s Grand Prix, I would like to share support for those affected by the government’s anti-LGBTQ + legislation. Proposing such legislation is unacceptable, timid and misleading to those in power. Is what invites.

“Everyone deserves the freedom to be who they are, no matter who they love or how they identify them. The referendum that comes to the Hungarian people to protect the rights of LGBTQ + communities. We encourage you to vote for. They need our help more than ever. Show your love to those around you because love always wins. Send you positiveness. “

Four-time world champion Vettel wore a special trainer carrying rainbow designs on Thursday’s circuit. Vettel joined many paddock members wearing rainbow items as the race weekend began.

“Everyone is free to do what they want, and I think that’s the point,” Vettel said. “So it’s embarrassing for countries that are members of the European Union to vote or enact such a law rather than a constitution … I think I’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn in the past, and why. I don’t understand if you’re free to do whatever you want, love the one you love, and struggle to see it in line with the “live and live” policy.

“So obviously we don’t enact a law. It’s not our role, but I think it’s just a statement of support for those who are obviously affected by it.”

Earlier this month, the European Parliament also voted in favor of urgent legal action against the new Hungarian law, saying it violated “EU values, principles and laws.” Hamilton and Vettel take a stance on LGBTQ + rights in Hungary

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