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Guthrie starts a new PU pit lane after the crash

Pierre Guthrie will start the Italian Grand Prix from the pit lane after using a new power unit following a crash in the sprint.

Guthrie damaged the front wing against the rear of Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren when he fought Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris in 4th place in the first chicane from 6th place. The French wing then broke down and was thrown into the Kurva Grande barrier, damaging the car.

The power unit itself was undamaged, but Guthrie had already been demoted to the back of the grid as a result of the accident, so AlphaTauri had the opportunity to install a new power unit as it had little effect on the starting position. ..

Such changes usually lead to a lower grid, but since the Energy Store is an upgraded component compared to previously used components, specification changes require Guthrie to start the race from the pit lane. Means that there is.

Offer is Guthrie starts a new PU pit lane after the crash

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