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The 2021 Fanatech GT World Challenge Europe Power Dubai AWS Season is in the book following the decision-maker for the Endurance Cup at the Catalunya circuit last weekend. Here, Ironlinks has finished a great year with the addition of a comprehensive driver’s title to the famous victory at Total Energies 24. Spa time.

But this was not a simple practice to glory. AKKA ASP’s overwhelming race victory meant that # 51 Ferrari had to finish in 8th or higher to ensure the driver’s crown. Team WRT won the team’s championship with another slow charge to the podium, but during the fierce closing stage the Italian team stuck in 7th place and won the title.

This was a good way to end such a competitive endurance cup season, where groups of elite teams have always fought at the forefront of the pack. These are stories and statistics from the decision makers.

Iron Lynx secured the 2021 Driver’s Crown with the # 51 crew of Pier Guidi / Ledogar / Nielsen. Of particular note is Alessandro Pierre Guidi, the first consecutive endurance cup champion. Comb Ledogar has also won two titles and won the McLaren in 2016. 24-year-old Niclas Nielsen won his first victory.

Consistency was important for the # 51 crew, who finished all five races with points and completed all laps. They did not claim to have the fastest car. The best result in qualifying was 8th, but the average starting position was 10th. To be sure, the only event they won in the race was the TotalEnergies 24 Hours of Spa. In many cases, they gathered their strengths through measured driving.

Team WRT has taken the Endurance Cup team championship thanks to another powerful run from # 32 Audi. The car was competitive at each event this season, winning three podiums (Monza, Circuit Paul Ricard and Barcelona) and finishing sixth at the Nürburgring. Its only non-scoring came in Monza, where # 32 was competing for victory before Punk stopped the charge.

During the championship celebration, it was probably overlooked that Mercedes-AMG swept all three classes on Sunday afternoon. The victory of the Marcello / Gunon / Fraga # 88 crew resulted in the first overall victory in the Endurance Cup since Barcelona in 2018 and the first victory in AKKA ASP since the same race in 2017. This was the sixth overall victory in the Mercedes-AMG series. Comparable to both McLaren and Lamborghini.

Jules Gounon became the first driver to win an overall victory in three different brands. The French have won Audi (2017 TotalEnergies 24 Hours of Spa), Bentley (2019 Circuit Paul Ricard 1000kms) and now Mercedes-AMG.

Surprisingly, this was Rafael Marcello’s first overall victory in the Endurance Cup. The Italians have won their first victory since winning eight podiums and two superpoles at the TotalEnergies 24 Hours of Spa. It was also the first overall victory for 2019 Silver Cup champion Felipe Fraga.

AKKA ASP was just four points below the Endurance Cup drivers’ title and was three shy to secure the team’s championship. Indeed, the points missed via DNF at the TotalEnergies 24 Hours of Spa proved to be the difference this year.

Dynamic Motorsport finished second with a # 54 Porsche at the finale. Engelhart / Bachler / Cairoli were the fifth best crew in the finals, but like the AKKA ASP, low scores in the Ardennes slowed down their chances of winning the title.

# 114 Emil Frey Racing Lamborghini finished sixth on the flag, giving Jack Aitken the best endurance of the season. The British driver hasn’t been sitting in a racing car since the accident at the TotalEnergies 24 Hours of Spa until he grabbed the steering wheel for the official test session on Friday.

The new Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II finished 9th overall on Sunday afternoon. As an invitation entry, the car wasn’t visible in the results, but nevertheless it was an impressive show from a machine run by Santellok. The new BMW M4 GT3 also moved away and finished in 16th place.

Emil Frey Racing won the Silver Cup Team and Driver title in 2021 to complete the class’s clean sweep. The Lamborghini team won the same endurance title in 2018 while running the popular Jaguar XKR. Alex Fontana was part of a campaign that won both titles.

The Swiss team had a 24-point advantage in the final race on Sunday afternoon, scoring only 25, but will allow Alex Aka and Attempt Racing to take the title when # 14 Lamborghini punctures early. I saw. The team could afford to relax later in the race when Emil Frey’s car returned to the point.

AKKA ASP won the second Silver Cup title of the season with # 87 Mercedes-AMG’s Simon Gachet, Thomas Drouet and Konstantin Tereshchenko. Although not in the title hunt in front of the decision-maker, the trio eventually placed Alex Aka (# 99 Attempto Racing Audi) in second place by one point.

# 31 Team WRT Audi took second place and won the best Silver Cup result of the season. The pairing of Frank Bird and Ryuichiro Tomita was already impressed at the Sprint Cup event and performed sophisticatedly with Endurance teammate Valdemar Eriksen.

After scoring one point in the opening two events, # 7 Toksport WRT Mercedes-AMG finished P3 last weekend and took the podium three times in a row. The car started from the class pole but dropped back in the middle of the race and won the podium in the last hour thanks to another great stint from Marvin Deanst.

Mad Panda Motorsport, based in the immediate vicinity of Montmero, was desperate to win the podium at home ground. Punks slowed down the strong run, but the team made a big impression by handing out “mad panda sticks” to fans, many of which were displayed on the grandstand during the Sunday race.

SPS Automotive Performance has won the honor of Pro-Am and completed the Mercedes-AMG sweep. This represents a beginner victory for the German team and its trio Valentin Pierberg, Martin Conrad and Dominic Baumann.

Chris Frog Gut won the Pro-Am Driver’s Crown and Sky Tempesta Racing won the team’s championship thanks to a fourth-place finish in Barcelona. # 93 Ferrari was in a position to win the title throughout the race and did not appear to be under serious pressure.

After that, Frog Gut thanked his teammates for sharing the car with him this season. In particular, Jonathan Hoi only missed the title after being forced to skip the Monza opener due to travel restrictions. Hong Kong racers have since made huge sacrifices for competition and will be quarantined for another 21 days after returning from Barcelona. Although technically not a champion, his efforts this season are more than justifying the title.

Burwell Motorsport has finished as a class runner-up in the road and endurance rankings. This is the end of a great season for the British team and the addition of the Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe with the AWS Pro-Am team and driver titles to the Sprint Cup Championship in Valencia.

Oman Racing has won the final step on the Pro-Am podium. This was the team’s first top three finish since returning to Barcelona for the second time in 2019, ending the class title in the process.

Orange1 FFF Racing originally won the overall pole on Sunday morning, but moved to three positions after Mirko Bortolotti was determined not to respect the rippling yellow flag on turn 12 of the first quarter. Docked. The # 63 Lamborghini crew maintained Paul’s bonus points as a penalty was applied after the session.

Following the demotion of the FFF car, AKKA ASP won the second overall pole of the season. This made Mercedes-AMG the ninth pole in the series, earning the German mark level at Lamborghini. Only Ferrari has more at 11.

Jules Gounon was the fastest man in three qualifying sessions, scoring 1: 44.528 in the third quarter. The best bronze-grade driver was Manuel Lauk (# 488 Rinaldi Racing Ferrari) at 1: 46.242.

At the finale of the Fanatec Esports GT Pro series over the weekend, rookie Juuso Puhakka turned a complete pole into a win and won the title of Madpanda Motorsport’s virtual silver team. The Finns were 1.5 seconds away from Doris Vansour, who won Team WRT’s second Pro Class victory of the year. The professional title was decided in support of Emil Frey Racing, which was held last time at the Nürburgring. At an annual press conference, Stephen Laterl confirmed that the concept of virtual and real will continue next year and points will be expanded to the top five on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis.

The Catalan circuit echoed the sound of the V12 engine, shocking anyone who wanted a quiet lunch break on Sunday afternoon. The new GT1 sports club with the Curvestone event was on track for the first time, demonstrating ahead of the finale of the Endurance Cup. This was followed by a full launch on Monday, with awe-inspiring models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani and Porsche on the entry list.

The 2021 Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS season is over, but many of the teams and drivers who played on Sunday will be in Indianapolis 8 hours this weekend announced by AWS, the second round of this year’s Intercontinental GT. Already in the United States to counter. Challenge with Pirelli.

The Endurance Cup has a lot of firepower. All 10 drivers in the top four of the championship will participate. This includes the title-winning Pierre Gidi / Redger / Nielsen # 51 Ferrari Crew. Within the team, AF Corse, AKKA ASP, Saintéloc Racing and Team WRT will all participate in IMS.

For those who have finished the season, we have the opportunity to look back on the highs and lows of the 2021 campaign. From Monza in April to Barcelona in October, via TotalEnergies 24 Spa in July, we have had little time to get inventory for the past six months. Sure, it won’t be long before 2022 draws attention to a new set of challenges and adventures.


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