Governor of Oregon vetoes even limited lane splits

Yet another attempt to legalize lane splits in Oregon failed because Governor Kate Brown rejected a law passed with bipartisan support from the state legislature.

The scope of the law is modest and is probably more accurately called filtering. SB 574 If traffic was less than 10 mph, motorcyclists would have been able to split lanes on multi-lane highways. Motorcyclists also need to ride in a “careful” way at speeds of 20 mph or higher. Despite these restrictions, the governor said he was worried about how dangerous the practice was.

Although some previous attempts to legalize lane splits in Oregon have failed, the bill has been passed by a significant majority: 42-14 in the House of Representatives and 18-6 in the Senate. Given their majority, it is still possible that the measure will become a law. A majority of two-thirds can revoke a veto.

The Oregon bill was similar Passed in Utah in 2019, Is the only US state outside of California that allows some form of lane sharing by motorcyclists. Even if it became a law, the Oregon bill would have had minimal impact due to its extreme restrictions. Applies only to highways with speed limits of 50 mph or higher in addition to speed limits. From my personal experience of living in a common place, lane splits know that being able to filter before traffic at traffic lights can lead to significant time savings and increased safety. However, most city streets with lights do not have a speed limit of 50 mph.

Even such limited measures, which allow for a very restricted form of practice that is common and legal in the majority of the world, are considered dangerous behavior here at 20 mph here in the “free country”. It’s a shame to be there and the hero’s hometown. “ Governor of Oregon vetoes even limited lane splits

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