Government guarantees proper fuel supply

Even with reports that some fuel stations are dry in certain areas of the country’s interior, the government will have sufficient supply available on June 15 to meet additional demand. Announced that it is.

Confirmation of Report A government-issued release found that in the last few days some regions reported significant increases in rush at PSU retailers, leading to increased customer delays and wait times. I emphasized. “This in turn led to speculation of supply constraints by public sector oil marketing companies,” he said in a statement.

Providing details of the situation, the government has seen a significant increase in demand for gasoline and diesel in certain locations in some states, up as much as 50% compared to the last period corresponding to the first half of June 2022. He added that he was seen. Year. This is especially noticeable in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. These are states that are heavily supplied by retailers belonging to private OMCs and are far from their supply locations, terminals and depots. A statement due to seasonal demand explained that agricultural activity has significantly reduced sales from private OMCs, where bulk buyers have shifted their purchases to retail stores and a significant amount has shifted to PSU stores. .. At the same time, as a result of the government’s crackdown on illegal biodiesel sales, these quantities have also been added to outlet diesel sales.

“This unprecedented growth has caused temporary logistics problems at the local level. Oil companies have increased inventory at depots and terminals, extra tank trucks and lorries to serve retailers. We are prepared to tackle these issues by moving and extending working hours. We will meet the additional demand for depots and terminals, including at night, and provide additional fuel to supply in the affected countries. Both companies have access to sufficient amounts of gasoline and diesel to meet this additional demand, and they are committed to meeting the country’s energy needs, “the statement concludes.

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Government guarantees proper fuel supply
The government has confirmed that some regions have reported a significant increase in rush at PSU retail stores, leading to increased customer delays and waiting times.

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