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GM says it has solved the Chevrolet Bolt battery problem and resumes production

GM today announced that it has discovered the cause of the defect that caused some Chevrolet Bolt batteries to ignite. So we took new steps to resume battery production and plan on how to solve the bolt problem already on the road.

The company announced a recall in late August and eventually Stop production of bolts I tried to solve the root cause of the problem. This turned out to be a rare combination of two defects known as “torn anodes” and “folded separators”.

GM states that both must be in the battery in order for the failure to lead to a fire, and we have worked with LG to confirm and enhance quality assurance. Give confidence to the battery moving forward.. Battery suppliers will also implement these processes at other facilities that will provide cells to GM in the future.

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LG’s battery factory also adds the ability to offer more cells GM It will be available for shipment to dealers in mid-October to supply automakers with replacement battery modules.

General Motors says it’s a priority Bolt EV and EUV customers The vehicle was manufactured during a specific time frame in which defects were believed to be clustered. Affected customers will be notified when a replacement battery module is available.

Automakers are also creating new advanced diagnostic software packages that increase the available battery charging parameters over existing guidance. This software is designed to detect battery performance anomalies that GM believes are related to the defect that caused the fire. The company plans to eventually create another diagnostic software that will bring the customer back to 100% battery capacity.

Until then, limit the charger to 90% to avoid draining the battery for more than 70 miles (113 km) of remaining charge, and a fire in a vehicle that does not remain charged indoors overnight. The company says it is not aware of.So everyone Follow these instructions You should be able to park your car wherever you like.

“We appreciate the patience of owners and dealers working to move this recall solution forward,” said Doug Parks, GM Executive Vice President of Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain. “Resuming production of battery modules is the first step and we will actively work with LG to obtain additional battery supplies. In addition, new advanced diagnostic software will make our customers more convenient. We are optimistic about providing it. “ GM says it has solved the Chevrolet Bolt battery problem and resumes production

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