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GM announces “Ultra Cruise” that adopts OTA update approach and enables “true hands-free driving”

GM today announced a new “Ultra Cruise” feature. They believe this will enable “true hands-free driving” in “95% of driving scenarios” in the United States and Canada.

Interestingly, GM has taken a Tesla-like approach to enabling this feature over the long term through updates to its wireless (OTA) software.

Ultracruise is not the successor to Supercruise, but it is the next level reserved for “premium cars”.

GM wrote about the new product in a press release:

“Today, GM announced Ultra Cruise, a brand new advanced driver assistance technology that is an important next step in the company’s journey to achieve its goals of zero accidents, zero emissions and zero congestion. Ultra Cruise is designed to ultimately enable hands-free driving in 95% of all driving scenarios and will eventually work on all paved roads in the United States and Canada. “

The system will work on “roads that exceed 2 million miles at launch in the United States and Canada.”

The new suite of advanced driver assistance features will include an updated sensor suite.

“Ultra Cruise works with a combination of cameras, radar and LiDAR to develop an accurate 360 ​​degree 3D statistical representation of the environment surrounding the vehicle with redundancy in critical areas. Ultra Cruise has a windshield. It also incorporates LiDAR integrated behind it. “

The automaker also confirmed that it has a “future-oriented 5 nanometer scalable computing architecture through the Ultifi software platform and Vehicle Intelligence Platform” that powers the ADAS suite.

Here GM lists some of the planned features of the new Ultra Cruise:

  • Provides users with information based on their experience with the system through an all-new dynamic display
  • Reacts to permanent traffic control equipment
  • Follow the internal navigation route
  • Follow forward / speed limits
  • Supports automatic and on-demand lane changes
  • Supports left and right turns
  • Supports avoidance of proximity objects
  • Support parking on private roads in homes

GM has made it clear that drivers need to be careful at all times and will do so through a driver monitoring system.

Automakers say UltraCruise was “launched on some models in 2023 and Cadillac was the first to introduce this technology.”

Electrek take

It looks like a good product. To me, it sounds like a supercruise, but it’s not just the highway. However, it will only be available in “some vehicles” in 2023.

By that time, I think many companies will even have interesting advanced driver assistance products and even autonomous driving options, but the space is so complex that it’s confusing.

You have it The company saidNS “Hands-free driving” and “full self-driving”.

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