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GM advises Bolt EV owners to park 50 feet away from other vehicles.

Vermont police have released this photo of the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV, which ignited on the driveway of Democrat Timothy Briglin on July 1, 2021.

Vermont Police

Detroit – General Motors Some Chevrolet Volt owners advise not to park electric vehicles within 50 feet of other vehicles to reduce the risk of fires that could spread to nearby vehicles and trucks. There is also.

The warning continues after a Detroit car maker recalls Over 140,000 EVs Manufactured after 2016 due to the risk of spontaneous combustion of the battery due to “two rare manufacturing flaws”.

GM has confirmed fires in at least 12 vehicles, but more are still being reported.At least one of the recalled vehicles Ignition reportedly Spread to Maserati and Hyundai in Sacramento, California.

According to GM spokesman Dan Flores, parking advice is provided to customers who call the company’s call center about parking recalled vehicles in parking lots and structures. This is different from the previous warning that you park your car outdoors, do not charge it unattended overnight, and change the car’s charging settings issued to all owners.

“In rare cases, to reduce potential damage to structures and nearby vehicles in the event of a fire, park on the top floor or on an outdoor deck and park at least 50 feet away from another vehicle. I recommend it, “says Flores. on mail.

Updated parking guidance was first reported by Bloomberg News..

The recall is expected to cost $ 1.8 billion, some of which will be obtained from battery suppliers. LG ChemManufactured defective batteries in South Korea and Michigan.

GM said it’s cooperating LG fixes the problem Increase production of new modules for potentially defective battery packs. We will notify you when replacement parts are ready.

GM says owners with questions should visit, 1-833- Please contact the Chevrolet EV Helpline at EVCHEVY or contact your preferred Chevrolet EV Dealer. GM advises Bolt EV owners to park 50 feet away from other vehicles.

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