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You now know that Global Data acquired LMC Automotive in December 2021. The acquisition will make LMC part of a larger and broader organization, enabling it to meet the complex needs of its clients. We are currently integrating LMC services and information with the Global Data platform. On this platform, the whole is much larger than the sum of that part.

One of the more visible benefits you can take is via JustAuto. WebsiteA long-established automobile news and insight platform that was also acquired by GlobalData three years ago.

The LMC and JustAuto teams are already working more closely to bring their own perspectives on the development of the industry. We encourage you to review the content on the Just Auto site and subscribe to our newsletter. The newsletter is currently delivered daily.

Here are just a few examples of timely analysis you can expect …

look Here It’s easy to see why Geely is investing in Renault’s Korean business. (You can find some LMC data here.)

Here You’ll find a great summary of this week’s interviews and insights from the JustAuto team.

and, Summary of OEM product strategy On the site. GlobalData, LMC Automotive, Just Auto

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