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Glickenhaus’s hypercar debut beckoned

This weekend’s Portimao 8 hours will be a big deal for Jim Glickenhaus and his curious American team, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. For the second straight weekend, his crew has been in the limelight in major endurance races. Last week was the Nürburgring 24-hour race with a 004C GT racer powered by the Chevrolet V8 engine, but this weekend the team’s 007 Le Mans Hypercar will debut at the FIA ​​WEC.

Glickenhaus’s journey to the pinnacle of sports car racing was challenging but fascinating. New Yorker’s pure determination and his willingness to compete with leading manufacturers in cars designed and manufactured in-house are often lacking in the elite-level sports car racing of recent years. Due to budget level. Building a bespoke race car that can compete with the efforts of major OEMs is all impossible, with the exception of some wealthy privateer teams.

It’s worth a memorable excursion before looking at the team’s outlook this weekend. The Glickenhaus has been the flagship of the Nürburgring 24 hours since the debut of the custom-built SCG P 4/5 Competizione on the basis of the Ferrari 430 racer in 2011. After two VLN appearances at Nordschleife, the car ranked second in the SPX category of unofficial cars and 39th overall in the field of nearly 200 cars in 24 hours.

From there, cars and teams have become a favorite of deep-rooted fans and are back every year with the same goal of winning the entire race with newer, more sophisticated machines. Glickenhaus hasn’t achieved that goal yet, but there were many memorable moments. Perhaps most importantly, in 2017 he won pole position on the 003C driven by Jeff Westfal, and Jim Glickenhaus himself won the pole award trophy donated to the race organizer.

Glickenhaus’s dream of winning everything in “Green Hell” remains a priority, but much of the focus has shifted to the ambitious Le Mans Hypercar program. The non-hybrid Pipo motor-powered 007 Le Mans Hypercar, whose team will face Toyota and Alpine this weekend, took almost three years to build.

When first published at the end of 2018, many observers questioned the credibility of the program, but by being honest, humble, and devoted to the cause (most commercially in recent memory). It was one of the difficult times), Grickenhaus succeeded in proving the denial. Sure, the car’s debut has been postponed until the second round of the season, yes, only one chassis will be in the race (for now, both cars will be in Monza next month, and Le in August.・ I plan to race with a man). However, the team has gone through a rigorous test program and is on the scene at Portimao with a car ready for the race.

Participants in the program received only positive feedback on the Twin Turbo V6 007 throughout the test. RACER spoke with California driver Gustavo Menezes earlier this year and was convinced that the quality and performance of the car’s build was impressive when viewed up close.

Team No.708 chassis “ran like a train” in a recent 30-hour test in Aragon, with only one minor problem with the electrical connector while traveling about 5000km. That test is why only one car will be competing this weekend. The No. 708 has been rebuilt around an improved and lighter chassis, and the already upgraded sister No. 709 is the team’s first WEC race. I’m supposed to attend on the weekend.

With only three other cars in the class, it’s not easy to get on the podium. The circuit will be tough and the competition will be tougher. Competing with Toyota, its new GR010 hybrid, and Alpine’s grandparents, the LMP1, has never been easier. Top priority.

However, the BoP that manages the class can bring things closer than expected. Prior to the weekend, the latest bulletins revealed that Toyota and Alpine would have to run with a weight increase of 26kg and 22kg, respectively, after the opening round at the spa. Meanwhile, Glickenhaus is a car in the LMH category. It runs at 1030kg, which is as low as possible. It also allows more energy during each stint than its competitors.

This will definitely increase the level of trust in Glickenhaus and his team. In particular, he knows that the drivers of his trio have more than the ability to produce amazing results. IndyCar star Ryan Briscoe, Le Mans winner and WEC champion Romain Dumas, and Rolex 24 Hours winner Richard Westbrook will take the wheel.

Whatever happens, keep in mind that this is just one step. The team’s pseudo-home race in Monza (Glickenhaus’s WEC initiative is based at Podium Engineering in Milan, Italy) is planning the team to debut a second car next month. Continue to Portimao. The WEC team will then head to France in August for the Le Mans 24-hour race. The fun starts here … Glickenhaus’s hypercar debut beckoned

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