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Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day Release Whiskey

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For the past 17 years Philadelphia is always sunny We delved into the group of five owners of the fictional Paddy’s Pub, known to both themselves, their fans, and their (very few) friends, The Gang. (They are not known to be the finest citizens.)

Last year, the show celebrated its 15th season, making it the longest-running live-action sitcom ever. And to commemorate its historic practice, the three co-creators teamed up to release a new whiskey. It is called a four wall.

Philadelphia is always sunny Creators and stars Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenny and Charlie Day are the latest celebrities to enter the world of spirits. But rather than a quick way to line up their pockets (I’m sure this will be a potential story for future episodes), Four Walls sales are aimed at helping hospitality workers across Pennsylvania. ..

4 wall whiskey

The Philadelphia is always sunny Star has released Four Walls, which consists of two whiskeys. One is an ultra-premium product and the other is for casual drinkers. Sales from both will benefit hospitality workers in Pennsylvania.

Four Wall Whiskey

“We wanted to create a brand that celebrates the four walls that keep our favorite memories and prevent trouble,” Howaton said in a press release.

McEl Henny during the shooting of Season 15 It’s always sunny, They saw the bar closed during the pandemic. “So we decided to procure some really great whiskeys, create something as a homage to the bar and start by giving it back,” he said.

Four Walls consists of two whiskeys to start with. One is single barrel, cask strength Irish whiskeyThe retail price is $ 1,000 and is limited to 755 bottles. It also has a high price because it includes a 3-star signature.

Other four wall whiskeys are a bit more wallet friendly for casual wear It’s always sunny fan. The bartender’s blend is $ 90, a blend of Irish and straight Pennsylvania rye. According to Four Walls, it is “blended for bartenders” and designed to be an excellent base for cocktails.

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Sales of both Forwall whiskeys are Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodge Association Harp.. The two bottles are sold on the FourWalls website, and The Gang plans to make more expressions in the future.

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