Gideon Brothers Raises $ 31M for 3D Robot Technology

Croatia-based robotics startup Gideon Brothers Announced A $ 31 million Series A round led by Koch Industries’ venture and growth division Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), and DB Schenker, a leading manufacturer of Milwaukee-based loading equipment, Prologis.・ Ventures and Light Height participate.

Past investors include Taavet Hinrikus, Pentland Ventures, Peaksjah, HCVC commonly referred to as Hardware Club, Ivan Topčić, Nenad Bakić and Luca Ascani.

Gideon Brothers has raised a total of $ 36.5 million since 2017.

The company develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for material handling processes in warehouses, manufacturing and retail stores. By implementing AMR in these logistics services, companies can meet the growing delivery expectations of their customers, increase their productivity, and compete with the historically small labor pool in their warehouses.

“Pandemic is accelerating the adoption of smart automation and is ready to meet unprecedented market demand. The best way to do this is with our unique solution, the most demanding and largest customer. “It’s about connecting with,” said Matija Kopić, CEO and co-founder of Gideon Brothers, in the release. “Our strategic partners have real challenges that our robots have already solved, and together with us, make robot-powered changes to some of the world’s most innovative organizations. We are seizing the wonderful opportunity to bring. “

Gideon Brothers AMR behaves differently technology Than many peers. Many AMRs rely on LiDAR technology for navigation, which has been criticized for real-world limitations, but the company’s robots combine deep learning and cameras with a method called SLAM, with simultaneous localization. I’m using mapping.

This method is inexpensive, and the 3D visualization created by the camera is excellent in the busy and ever-changing environment often found in warehouses and manufacturing centers.

Gideon Brothers will use these new funds to expand AMR’s portfolio and bring them to market.

Financing details: Gideon Brothers

Financing round Series A (4th round)
Funding amount $ 31 million
Lead Investor Koch’s destructive technology
Secondary investor DB Schenker, Prologis Ventures, Rite-Hite, Taavet Hinrikus, Pentland Ventures, Peaksjah, HCVC, commonly referred to as Hardware Club, Ivan Topčić, Nenad Bakić, Luca Ascani
Business goals Accelerate AMR development and commercialization
Revenue run rate private
Revenue target private
New revenue execution goal private
Evaluation of money in advance private
Ex-post evaluation private
Total funds $ 36.5 million

With the salary increase, KDT’s director Annant Patel and DB Schenker’s contract logistics board member Xavier Gargijo will join the company’s board.

“KDT has more than 300 Koch offices and production units worldwide, recognizing the unique capabilities and potential of Gideon Brothers technology, allowing companies to use state-of-the-art AI and 3D AMR technology to build warehouses and We are revolutionizing the way we approach the manufacturing process, “says Patel.

“Gideon’s vision of strengthening current industrial warehousing and manufacturing operations through close collaboration between human and robotic assistants and automating complex manual processes to make work safer and more efficient prepares the industry for transformation. Indicates that is done. “

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