Giant Loop Round The World Pannier Review: Ténéré 700 Project Bike

The reason I want an adventure bike is for exploration. Not all interesting rides and destinations are close enough to go home for dinner. Sometimes it’s not the distance, but the feeling of fatigue that prevents or should prevent me from going home the same day. Some desirable destinations require days, weeks, months, or even years on the road. Giant Loop has a motorcycle packing system for every adventure.

Giant Loop Round The World Pannier Review: MSRP

Previous Giant loop Opened in 2008, it has been off-road for 300 miles and three days in Colorado. As the only storage system, I used a full-featured backpack. I swore I would never do that again! Giant Loop is designed with a storage unit to store cargo safely and safely, so you don’t have to put your own weight on your shoulders or hips.

Giant Loop Round The World Pannier Review: Mount

Now i know it Ultimate motorcycle Yamaha Tenere 700 Project Bike Perfectly suitable for me as a long tour bike. I needed storage for a bucket wrist ride to the Arctic (or glaciers or Yellowstone). Giant Loop Round the World Panniers with lockable quick release mounts seemed to fit the bill.

The aluminum giant loop GL pannier mount ($ 202) took a long time to assemble. The pannier can be used in a variety of mounting systems and is shipped ready for the owner to complete the final assembly. NS Ultimate motorcycle The Yamaha Tenere 700 project bike has a Yamaha side case mount ($ 428), so carefully melt the six bolt holes on the sides of the new $ 699 pannier and bolt the quick release mount system to the internal HDPE frameboard. bottom. Measure twice and melt once!

The assembly process is clear, with descriptive text, excellent illustrations, and guided video links. Giant Loop website.. I had one question about the placement of the internal frameboard and immediately called the Giant Loop main number in Bend, Oregon for an answer.

The Two Round The World Pannier is 12 pounds lighter than the two Yamaha Parts & Accessories Aluminum Side Cases. The OEM case has 72 liters of storage space, and the Giant Loop Round the World Pannier has a total of 70 liters of waterproof storage space in the central compartment. Each bag contains a 5 liter drawstring outer pocket and a 5 liter waterproof top pocket roll for a total of 90 liters. This is an additional storage equivalent to a 5 gallon gas can rather than an OEM hard case.

Giant Loop Round The World Pannier Review: For Sale

Unless you’re on a road trip, you probably won’t fill them. To keep all contents safe, each pannier’s gadillion buckle (OK, 10) and straps should be tightened as much as necessary.

The quick release mount uses a barrel lock to secure each bag to the bike. Turn the barrel lock with your own key and lift the bag with a sturdy handle. The contents can be accessed without a key while the lock holds the bag on the mount.

To keep the gear dry, Giant Loop offers dry bag inserts on many of its units. The Giant Loop Round The World Pannier includes a full size dry bag. I’m a belt and suspender type person, so I’m grateful. An additional advantage of a pannier dry bag, such as a luggage liner, is that you can lift and carry the contents of the pannier without removing it from the motorcycle.

I haven’t done a complete road trip with all the giant loop bags yet, especially since I just completed My 1120 mile delivery ride.. But I rode a variety of off-road terrain for over 200 miles and 15 hours, packed with soft panniers. Unless I praised the appearance of the Giant Loop Round the World Pannier from a distance, I didn’t notice them there except when getting on and off. Tenere..

If the Project Ténéré 700 is short, the top of the Round the World Pannier is 34 inches high. Camel ADV products Camel toe side stand.. The top of the Yamaha side case is 38 inches above the group. With the Yamaha case attached, the 30-inch inseam knee cannot be high enough to get over the hard bag when installed.

It doesn’t rain during this time and the forest roads and paths are dusty, so I go home on a very dirty bike.I’ve been hose down Ultimate motorcycle Check for signs of leaks to the Yamaha Tenere 700 Project Bike and Giant Loop Round The World Pannier. As advertised, the inside stays dry and dust-proof.

Giant Loop Round The World Pannier Review: Price

Giant Loop’s soft luggage system has been tested in action around the world, undergoing drops, collisions, immersions and other tortures. The Giant Loop Packing System has survived the journey around the world. There will be nothing more difficult in my own equestrian future. What you are buying now is a 13-year advance in designs and materials specially made for the rigors of off-road, and you know what they are exposed to. Soft luggage also has a factor of safety. If you notice that you have your bike on top, a soft bag is more likely to form mold on your body parts rather than crunching.

I’m lucky to be able to choose a bag to ride with. We use the Giant Loop Round The World Pannier unless you specifically need lockable security on your cargo.

Giant Loop Round The World Pannier Fast Fact

  • Cargo capacity: 90 liters
  • Weight: 10.4 lbs (without mounting bracket)
  • Pannier body dimensions: 21 x 15 x 7.5 inches
  • Front drawstring pocket dimensions: 7.5 x 11 x 3.5 inches
  • Rear roll top pocket dimensions: 7.5 x 11 x 3.5 inches
  • Color: Black; Limited Edition Gray / Black; Limited Edition Orange / Black

Giant Loop Round The World Pannier Price: $ 699 / pair Giant Loop Round The World Pannier Review: Ténéré 700 Project Bike

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