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Geely is pushing for methanol cars, the chairman says

A fleet of new methanol fuel taxis developed by Geely in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China in 2018. (Reuters)

Beijing- Chinese car maker Giri Mata will continue to work on methanol-powered vehicles, although efforts may fail, Li Shufu said on Sunday.

Zhejiang-based Geely is testing methanol taxis in several cities in western China, among the few automakers developing methanol-powered vehicles, as well as Commercial vehicle unit.

Lee did not provide the technical details. He told Reuters that Geely will expand production of methanol-powered vehicles. According to Giri’s own websiteTo date, we have already manufactured and tested 10,000 methanol-fueled vehicles in operation. 1 Billion kilometers. In Iceland, about 300,000 kilometers were traveled as part of a pilot project.

Lee said the owner Giri Volvo Car and 9.7% stake Daimler AGHas invested in the Icelandic company Carbon Recycling International to work on a technology to produce methanol using carbon dioxide in a way that reduces overall carbon emissions.

“We continue to explore methanol automotive technology. Of course it may eventually fail, but now we are still working on it,” Lee said in a city in the western part of Chongqing without elaborating. Told the industry conference.

Methanol fuel will boost China’s energy independence, as China has a large amount of coal that can be converted to methanol. Currently, China is a major oil importer. Geely’s Li also states that he expects methanol vehicles to be cleaner than gasoline vehicles.

Giri is also developing a battery Electric car, Gasoline electricity Hybrid car And hydrogen commercial vehicles.

China, the world’s largest automobile market, has electricity hydrogen Fuel cell vehicle.

Several automakers have been working on methanol cars. Karma And Roland Gumpert We investigated a fuel cell model containing methanol. Geely is pushing for methanol cars, the chairman says

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