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Future Kia Niro will enhance crossover look

The second generation of Kia’s eco-friendly Niro Subcompact combines some concept car clues that stand out from the traditional styling of current models with more robust crossover styling.

The redesigned Niro 2019 HabaNiro Concept, A two-tone body, wide rear pillars, and boomerang-type taillights are used. He made his debut at the Seoul Mobility Show at the end of last month.

“The unique vertical taillight design highlights aerodynamics and technology,” said Kia. “It has strong shoulders and upright windows that follow the vehicle’s wide and stable posture.”

The current generation of Niro has a wagon-like styling that appeals to some customers, but goes against the trend of block crossovers in the United States. Niro’s US sales were 23,744 until November, while Kia’s other subcompact crossover, the Seltos, was 48,315.

A Kia-American spokesman said there was no official announcement as to whether a second-generation Niro would come to North America. Kia’s Global Website Next year, it will be available in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery-powered electric vehicle versions in some markets, he said.

Niro’s interior gets the latest updates with a new company’s two-spoke steering wheel, simplified controls, side-by-side instruments and infotainment screens. Future Kia Niro will enhance crossover look

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