Full of fireworks, this truck will explode at a car racing event

Fireworks and car racing look a lot like each other, but there is always a risk of failure. Exactly that happened at a British race event. The combination didn’t work as the audience expected.

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A video of the incident appeared online, showing how the truck that stood beside the race track at the event burned. The Daily Mail reported that the truck was packed with firecrackers to be exhibited during the event.

It seems that it was part of a special festival such as a fireworks display and banger racing. When the fireworks were launched, one of them seemed to land behind a truck full of extinguished fireworks. Immediately after that, the fireworks stored behind the vehicle ignited, the vehicle burned, and fireworks were randomly launched. The crew kept the flames under control while the random explosions and barrages of shells exploded into the sky.

After that, firefighters arrived at the scene. This suggested that there were no fire trucks waiting at the event yet. The report claims that several fireworks were unplannedly launched and blown away by the crowd before one landed on the truck. Some of them reportedly attacked people.

Don’t worry at the show center, putting an open bed truck full of fireworks near the display is certainly a bad idea. The report also claims that the race started while the track was still smoldering. However, there is no news of injuries caused by the incident. Full of fireworks, this truck will explode at a car racing event

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