France tests noise radar on fine drivers using loud exhaust

There is a saying that loud pipes save lives. But the declaration is Studied Was discussed for many years.Whether you like potatoes Harley Or, like the screaming soundtrack of a sports bike, you don’t have the same enthusiasm for excessive noise. Especially when near schools, businesses and restaurants.

While we often make a fuss about strict new things Emissions Regulations and noise standards will also affect new motorcycle models. Most modern bikes need to be below a certain decibel level to meet current limits, and many riders are looking to the aftermarket for a more robust sound. France Will crack down on those that circumvent noise pollution restrictions by implementing sound radar in major cities and suburbs.

Paris has already installed a noise detection system in 2019. Authorities have not listed individual criminals using this technology, but authorities will soon begin testing the functioning of the system. However, the city of light , Not in the city in the fight against the noisy pipes.

Units will also be tested later this year in Nice, Lyon, Bron, and in the suburbs of Paris, Rueil-Malmaison and Villeneuve-le-Roi. For municipalities to carry out inspections noise Radar, they have to wait until the decree is released next fall. Once the performance and accuracy of the system is confirmed, the city can obtain approval for road use.

Similar to speed cameras, the noise detection system captures a picture of the vehicle’s license plate when the noise threshold is exceeded. Responsible driver / rider ticket on mail. That said, the test period lasts for quite some time. If approved for use on the road, the noise detection system will not be implemented until 2022 or 2023.

I’ve seen government agencies punish Illegal aftermarket exhaust sales Recently, France has taken a stronger stance on this issue. Of course, law enforcement agencies can fine drivers with noisy exhaust, but automated French systems do throw nets in a much wider range. France tests noise radar on fine drivers using loud exhaust

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