Foxconn reportedly has plans to build a Tesla EV in the future

San Francisco: Liu Young-way, chairman of Apple supplier Foxconn, said the company is looking at making electric vehicles (EVs) as a new frontier and hopes to eventually build EVs for Tesla. I was. Youngway said he wants to replicate the level of success the company has had in making consumer gadgets in building EVs for automakers, TechCrunch reports. Tesla will deliver the semi truck to Pepsi by December 1, 2022.Elon Musk says.

He even said he hopes Foxconn will one day build a car for Tesla, the report said. In the US, the company is already working with Lordstown Motors and Fisker to produce EVs on their behalf.

It’s also partnering with Taiwanese automaker Yulon Group to build the electric SUV Model C, which was first unveiled at Foxconn’s Tech Day last year. Tesla now has 160,000 customers running FSD beta software, says Elon Musk.

The company also unveiled two electric vehicle concepts at the 3rd annual Hon Hai Tech Day, aiming to diversify its business and enter the automotive market. His two vehicles, a Model V electric pickup truck and a Model B electric crossover hatchback, are a message to automakers (particularly Tesla).

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