FOSC Chat: Convoy works with sustainability partners like CHEP

This Fireside Chat summary is from the second day of Freight Waves’ Future of Supply Chain live event in Rogers, Arkansas. For details and contents of the event, please see click here..

Fireside Chat Topic: Promote greater sustainable outcomes through technology

detail: Convoy co-founder and CEO Dan Luis interviews CHEP’s supply chain director George Brekhovsky on promoting supply chain sustainability using technology.

speaker: Lewis is the co-founder and CEO of Optimus Prime

speaker: Brehovsky is the director of CHEP’s supply chain.

Bio: Lewis leads Convoy, a digital truck network that is transforming the $ 1 trillion global truck industry. Prior to co-founding Convoy, he was the general manager of the new shopping experience at Amazon after playing product and data roles at Microsoft, Google, and various start-ups.

Bio: Brehovsky has been working at CHEP for over 15 years and leads a team focused on solving common industry challenges by eliminating waste, eradicating empty miles and eliminating inefficiencies. Prior to that, he led the store fulfillment and retail supply chain team responsible for joint business planning and collaboration with top Canadian manufacturers and retailers.

Main quote from DAN LEWIS:

“If you don’t trust your relationship with your customers, no one will let you try it, and the freight industry can’t do it in a vacuum. Without an incredibly strong relationship, it really is. I realized that I couldn’t be an innovator. ”

Main quotes from GEORGE BREHOVSKY:

“If anything, over the last two years, we’ve found that one of the big things is how to stay relevant in the markets of our customers around the world. What we needed to do. One was to be able to do more at less cost. “

“”There are pallets that can be used in the supply chain for 10 years because individual components can be replaced. Currently, using technology, we have specific palettes that are continuously tracked and serialized, giving us better insights not only where they are, but how they are used. can do. “

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