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Former Obama and Clinton officials resign as CEO of Teneo after drunken behavior at a party

Teneo CEO Declan Kelly will speak at the Global Citizen Presents Global Goal Live: Potential Dream Stage at St. Ann’s Warehouse on September 26, 2019 in New York City.

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CEO of Teneo, a leading public relations and advisory firm, formerly a special envoy to Northern Ireland under the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Resigned on Tuesday after a fallout from his drunken behavior At a powerful charity event last month.

Declan Kelly’s embarrassing departure came a few days later General Motors Teneo broke the relationship due to his actions and was a few weeks after he resigned from the board of directors of the nonprofit Global Citizen, the organizer of the event on May 2.

General Motors was a client of Teneo, a 1200-member company co-founded by Doug Band, a former aide to the former president. Bill Clinton..

In addition to working for GM He reportedly paid Teneo a $ 250,000 monthly holder., Kelly is also an advisor General Electric And Coca Cola..

Kelly, who is also the chairman of Teneo, is the brother of Alan Kelly, the leader of the Irish Labor Party.

Declan Kelly, who previously worked as a reporter for several newspapers in Ireland, When Hillary Clinton headed the Department of State, she was a Special Economic Envoy from 2009 to 2011. Under former President Barack Obama. Kelly also advised Clinton during the 2008 presidential campaign.

The Wall Street Journal reported last Friday that a Kelly representative said at a Global Citizen event that PR executives “drunken and improperly acted against some women and men.”

President Joe Biden The chair was Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle. Pope Francis We also delivered a message to the rally.

According to the journal, a statement from his representative said, “Since what happened two months ago, Mr. Kelly has promised to drink immediately and has continued counseling from medical professionals, temporarily his job. Reduced responsibility. “

“He has the full support of his family, colleagues, partners and friends.”

This wasn’t Kelly’s first embarrassing public episode.

Kelly Previously, it was seen in a social media video sleeping open-mouthed at a stand at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami during the first quarter of the Super Bowl in February 2020.

That viral video came for 8 months After Teneo sold a small majority stake in the company to CVC Capital Partners in a transaction worth more than $ 700 million.

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In his own statement on the Teneo website Posted on Tuesday, Kelly said, “On May 2nd.nd I made a careless, open and embarrassing mistake, took full responsibility, and apologized to those who were directly affected, as well as my colleagues and clients. “

“There are ongoing campaigns against our company’s reputation, which could last for days to come,” Kelly said. “But despite the credibility of such issues, I do not want them to be a continuous distraction for the operation of our company.”

“To protect Teneo’s employees and their customers, and with the strong support of my family, I decided to leave the company and resign as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,” Kelly said. I did.

Teneo’s board has appointed Chief Operating Officer Paul Cary, co-founder of another company, to replace Kelly.

“We would like to thank Teneo for the leadership and dedication over the last decade that has made Teneo one of the world’s leading CEO advisory firms,” ​​the company said in a statement.

“Thanks to Declan’s leadership and the efforts of its talented management, Teneo today serves world-leading companies on a deep bench of experienced advisors across many disciplines.” Former Obama and Clinton officials resign as CEO of Teneo after drunken behavior at a party

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