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Forget about weather forecasts: Meet-on all-season hoodies

What is the best solution for changing weather and sudden storms? A jacket that can withstand virtually anything. Designed to deal with what Mother Nature throws on your path, On’s Parka is a fully adjustable outerwear and extremely versatile. The overall silhouette is knee-length, preventing snow and rain splashes and being cut into a more relaxed shape. This allows the jacket to facilitate airflow and feel breathable, yet fully windproof and waterproof (thanks to the three-layer construction and DWR coating). Glued seam zips are rounded by a fully adjustable attached hood to contain excess moisture. From autumn nights to winter snow and spring showers, the design adjacent to On’s thoughtful sports, as well as a jacket that can carry you, makes this jacket look like you’re at home no matter where you wear it. Means Whether you’re adding to your gym bag to keep your body warm after training, or needing a stylish jacket that looks sharp regardless of the season, don’t worry if you have a hoodie like this. weather forecast.

price: $ 460

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