Ford Mach-E cheaper than Kia EV6

The cheapest Ford Mustang Mach E outperformed the Kia EV6. As CarsDirect reported this week, his Kia EV6 for 2023 starts at just under $50,000. I learned today that Ford has resumed ordering the Mach-E Select. This is his $1,600 cheaper base trim than his most affordable EV6.

Lowest price with major package changes EV6 will be retired in 2023, resulting in $7,100 base price increase. most affordable 2023EV6 is currently a wind trim with a suggested retail price of $49,795. It’s also worth noting that EV6 is no longer eligible for his $7,500 tax credit. Inflation control law signed.

Conversely, the cheapest 2023 Mustang Mach E $48,195 Select. That’s $1,600 less than the EV6. Mach-E continues tax creditIt could be up to $9,100 cheaper than the EV6. Mach-E Select Orders Reopened Recently After a month’s hiatus.

Also, the 2023 Mach-E Select has a range of 247 miles on a Standard Range battery, compared to 310 miles on the EV6 Wind. To get close to EV6, you’ll need to upgrade to Mach-E Premium with the optional extended range battery (306 miles). At that point, the MSRP balloons to $64,875.

When comparing the EV6 and Mach-E, we recommend doing the same. The 2023 EV6 may be easier to find in addition to offering more range in its base form. in the end, ford currently estimates a wait of up to 35 weeks for new. Mach E Select your order for delivery in summer 2023.

As we discovered this week, EV6 buyers may have other factors to consider heading into 2023. $7,000 more than the Hyundai IONIQ 5Additionally, the higher base price exceeds the California Clean Vehicle Rebate’s $45,000 MSRP cap. Not eligible for $2,000 incentive.

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