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Ford F-150 Lightning Display photos show incredible range estimates

We recently had the opportunity to visit Ford’s Dearborn Complex to check out new stuff Rouge Electric Vehicle CenterOrbit the Dearborn test track on the F-150 Lightning with Darren Palmer, Global General Manager of Battery Electric Vehicles, Ford, Product Development Center, and Ford.

The tour and test drive (which Palmer was driving) was really informative, and we will post a video of the day’s events and learning InsideEVs Youtube Channel soon. But one of the most amazing things we saw during the day was buried in the F-150 Lightning’s Pro Power Onboard control screen.

When I flipped through the screens, I noticed that one screen had an estimated mileage display that read an incredible 472 miles. Neither of the F-150 Lightnings I saw had distance estimates on any screen, so I think Ford removed the distance estimates from both the driver and the center display. However, when I scrolled through the controls, I found one screen where the range estimates were staring at me.

472 miles! Is it possible? No … or can you do it?

Ford F-150 Lightning with incredible 472 mile range quote

During the day, I repeatedly asked Ford representatives (in several different ways) about the battery size of the F-150 Lightning and the driving range. Someone wanted to slip and share what they didn’t have yet, but they were ready and always maneuvering conversations to another topic.

He didn’t seem to take much longer than it took the Tesla Model 3 to reach the same speed, as he did when he was driving around the track with Darren Palmer, so he made Lightning up to nearly 100 mph. I carried it easily. this. truck. teeth. fast.

I was faced with the recent controversy raised by popular Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee when he told Palmer: Ford told him that the estimate for the 300-mile range of the F-150 Lightning was actually a payload of £ 1,000. On board, it turned out that he was expecting it.

Palmer moved the conversation away from range and led Ford to work on the incredibly advanced range estimator of the F-150 Lightning. This takes into account all kinds of factors such as payload weight, trailer configuration, length, tongue weight, etc. ..

Basically, Pamler says that the F-150 Lightning distance estimator is very accurate even when carrying cargo and pulling a trailer, so when you arrive at your destination, 5% ± minus the estimated remaining distance. He said it was within range.

As Brownlee argues, Ford does not officially comment on whether the estimated range calculation includes a £ 1,000 payload. When I asked them about a photo showing the range of 472 miles I took, they replied, “This is a prototype vehicle and we are still aiming for an EPA estimated 300 miles.”

But here is the interesting part. Brownlee used a prototype F-150 Lightning that was different from mine. He said his F-150 Lightning was charged to 80% and the vehicle was showing a range of 367 miles. According to Brownlee, the charge gauge appeared to be “about 80%” charged, so the range was estimated to be about 360 miles when fully charged.

In his video, SOC is just below 80% and looks like 77% to 78%. My F-150 Lightning is fully charged and shows 472 miles. If you calculate 78% of 472, you get 368. Therefore, when fully charged, the estimated ranges for both Brownlee’s truck and my truck will be the same.

Is this the case for prototype software that provides false range estimates? It is possible. However, the evidence is beginning to point in the opposite direction, as two different prototype F-150 Lightnings two months apart show the same range. It’s possible that Ford actually underestimates the range that the F-150 Lightning would have. If that’s true, it’s great.

Even if Ford disappoints, I still don’t think the vehicle will be EPA-range rated even near 472 miles.To achieve this, the battery pack needs to be close to 200 kWh, which is Ford already estimated charging time For F150 Lightning.

For the record, Ford says it is targeting 300 miles for the vehicle with a 230 mile EPA range for the F-150 Lightning with a standard range battery and an extended range pack. Also, the capacity of the battery pack has not yet been announced. Knowing the size of the pack will give you an accurate estimate of the actual driving range.

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