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Ford delays return to office and considers vaccine obligations

Detroit — Ford Motor Co has postponed most workers’ return to the office until January and continues to consider whether to require employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, the company’s chief human resources officer told Reuters. Told.

Ford has joined many large companies that have postponed plans to reopen their offices as the delta variant of the coronavirus has swept many countries where automakers do business. Ford said most office workers in North America, Latin America and the international market group will not return to their offices by January. The company reassesses its return-to-work plan every three to four months.

Ford’s Chief Human Resources Officer and Employee Experience Officer Kirsten Robinson said he has not yet decided whether to join an employer or government agency that requires workers to get the coronavirus vaccine. ..

Ford requires vaccinations for employees traveling abroad for work. According to Robinson, the company is still assessing whether a broader mission is appropriate, how employees respond, and how vaccine requirements are adapted to different countries.

“We want to understand the emotions of our employees. What is preventing them from being vaccinated voluntarily,” Robinson said. Employee views-and Ford workers must have access to vaccines-are different around the world, she said. “It’s simple to fit all missions in one size.”

Ford has enacted mask requirements and other policies to limit the spread of coronavirus infections in factories and workplaces where employees cannot work remotely. So far, no outbreak has occurred at any of Ford’s facilities, Robinson said.

When Ford employees who can work remotely return to the office, many do so only part-time, and Ford says it plans to reconfigure many offices for it. rice field hybrid Arrange work.

Workers who can work via video conferencing or internet connection will get new benefits when the office reopens. The automaker said it would allow employees to work remotely from their home country for up to 30 days a year without having to report to Ford’s site.

Under the guidelines, Ford office workers in Michigan could choose to work for a month from a resort or relative’s home in Florida, Los Angeles, or any other US location. Ford delays return to office and considers vaccine obligations

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