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Ford Bronco Sport is impaired by its name

operation New 2021 Ford Bronco Sport It’s an exercise to explain what it is, and, equally importantly, what it isn’t. There are many new Bronco sports —off roadCompetentGreat for driving, well designed, but not Include Ford Bronco. I couldn’t drive anywhere in the Bronco Sport without hearing one of the following comments:

“Oh. that is New Ford Bronco? It was smaller than I expected. “

“Bronco Sports?? Like a raptor? “

“Shouldn’t it be convertible?”

The general public is not the only one who is confused. Mainstream media outlets, and occasionally even automotive media outlets, could mistake Bronco sports for “big” Bronco by using the former photos and specifications to represent the latter. If people who are paying to know these things sometimes make a mistake, How can we expect the public to keep things straight??

I don’t blame Ford for adapting the Bronco name to the car family — in fact, it’s a great business move — but when choosing the Bronco Sport name and launching the Bronco Sport for the first time, Ford Confronted this headache.

What is your name?

Ford seems to have known this. In 2019, when we first started reporting on baby Bronco, Blue Oval was in a band on two names, Bron Scout and Bronco Adventure. Of the two, Ford really seemed to take the name of the Bron Scout, Even if you go to trademark application Both “Bron Scout” and “Scout” of “Athletics”. It’s likely that Ford has run into a problem.Comparable to Bronco International Harvester Scout The company’s legacy remains part of Navistar International, which still owns the names of “land vehicles over £ 2,400,” including “pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.” (As an aside, Navistar International itself is partially owned by Volkswagen Group’s truck and bus division, Traton SE.)

With the Bron Scout away from the table, Ford calms down to the Bronco Adventure name, instead of regaining another name from the past (Like the Bronco II) Or thinking of a new one, it quite lazyly adopted the name Bronco Sport for the baby Bronco, which ensured the confusion of the customer’s corps.

Broncos’s strange cadence

The· New Bronco Alongside the Ford Ranger, it will be built at the automaker’s Michigan assembly plant. Bronco and Ranger will eventually share the platform, Current ranger As far as Ford’s North American business is concerned, it’s on its own platform. In short, To make Bronco, Ford would have to build a Michigan assembly plant from scratch, which would take time.

Built at the company’s Hermosyo stamping and assembly plant in Mexico, the Bronco Sport was always the first to hit the streets. Its C2 platform architecture Ford escapeProduction began in 2019 at Hermosiyo. This makes it relatively easy to add related model lines, but it seems that Ford’s product planners never expected to split the baby and big Broncos launch dates into six months. ..

What does this mean?

We asked Ford to comment on the name of the Bronco Sport and its plans to combat the public turmoil over the two Bronco, but haven’t responded yet.

Ultimately, this seems to be the issue, despite the general turmoil over the position of Bronco Sport in the market. These days, it’s rare to confuse Discovery Sport with Discovery.Once Bronco At the end Most Bronco Sport / Bronco turmoil is expected to disappear soon as it is available for sale and is becoming more common on the streets across the country. In the meantime, Bronco Sports owners and Ford dealers need to be prepared for many conversations that begin with “Well, actually …”. Ford Bronco Sport is impaired by its name

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