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Ford Bronco Raptor taken for a dirty spin on the video

Last month I got an upcoming still image Ford Bronco Raptor shot on an off-road truck. This month, we’ll get a 3-minute video. Bronco Raptor runs in a circle and kicks up the soil around the track, Uploaded by Bronconation.. Even better, there’s no soundtrack, but everything that lives under the wind and Bronco’s hood certainly has a turbocharger.I still don’t know which one Ford The EcoBoost mill with twin turbocharger got a mandatory permit here. The standard Bronco has 330 horsepower and 2.7 liters. Adventurer ST, and 450 hp 3.5 liters F-150 Raptor.. Bronconation You can expect at least 350 horsepower from the motor, so he says he will lean to 3.0 liters. Whatever it is ultimately, its engine notes are piped through a true dual exhaust that ends in front of the rear bumper and is pushed up out of the way of obstacles.

Towards the end, there are still shots that reveal more Of the truck Details of the suspension. You can often see the reinforced steering rack, thicker lower control arm and differential, the “R” brand differential cover, and the coil sprint rear suspension called Fox’s live wire twin tube bypass damper, which is a copy of the F-150 Raptor. increase. Masking tape with the word “Warthog” is affixed to the door sill. Ford could be trolling our people who once thought Raptor might be called a desert warthog.And in 2: 52, Bronco Raptor sits on the 37×12.50 R17 LT BFG KO2 tires next to the 2021 Bronco Outer Bank, revealing how much more can be brought to the table in every respect.

The announcement of the Broncolruptor is scheduled for the first quarter of next year and will be available in the summer.

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