Ford and BMW are now partners in chasing all-solid-state batteries

Clearly for automakers moving into the future of electricity, the promise of lighter, cheaper, and higher-performance hardware for all-solid-state batteries and EVs is a promise. It’s not easy to reach and sometimes requires the most unexpected partnerships.

Ford and BMW are two companies currently chasing all-solid-state batteries. They do this themselves, but neither is hesitant to assist other professionals in the hope of making access to the solution much faster.

Solid Power is one of the most advanced companies in this area.American company already manufactures all layers at 20 amps Solid state, Sulfide-based batteries, but soon need to move to something a bit more powerful, thanks to the $ 130 million Series B investment round by BMW Group, Ford and Volta Energy Technologies.

Thanks to the investment, Ford and BMW are now equivalent shareholder of Solid Power, each appointing their own representatives to the board of directors of US companies.In addition, both receive from SolidPower “Full-scale 100Ah cell for vehicle certification testing and vehicle integration” Immediately next year.

Apart from this collaborative development, both Ford and BMW will develop and test other battery technologies that meet the requirements of their respective vehicle projects and pursue their own goals with SolidPower.

This week’s announcement on Solid Power is just the latest in the area of ​​battery technology from two car companies.

Last month, Blue Oval announced the creation of a dedicated campus (Aeon ParkFor the development of batteries for electric vehicles, the Bavarians have announced that they are working on battery cells with higher densities as part of an important project common to Europe ().IPCEI)program. Ford and BMW are now partners in chasing all-solid-state batteries

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