Florida Man throws away one cop car and steals another during a crazy chase, GTA style

After all, your name is Trevor Phillips, Michael de Santa, Frank Clinton to lead police in car chase in multiple counties like an absolute madman and steal two patrol vehicles instead of one. It doesn’t have to be. To process. By the way, these are the three main characters of Grand Theft Auto V. In this game, you often steal police cars from “necessities”.

It’s strange that stealing a police car actually causes exactly the same reaction as Grand Theft Auto. You quickly flock to law enforcement agencies and try to pull you behind you from the street. Sure, stealing a police car in GTA is constantly being shot, but the police officers involved in the incident were able to stay more calm.

Xavier Javern Cummings, a 33-year-old man from Florida, is responsible for the entire blunder. He was arrested on suspicion of robbery, fled law enforcement, and was arrested for possession of firearms for felony, theft of firearms, and theft of cars.In addition, driving and reporting with a suspended license NBC news..

The chase took place last weekend when police in Cocoa, Florida responded to the turmoil at the hotel, resulting in Cummings taking off on a northbound patrol sedan. It was the Sheriff of Volsia County that pushed the sedan off Interstate 95 and then into the woods. Participate in tracking..

Unfortunately, for all police officers on the scene, the suspect took advantage of the surrounding area and suddenly took off for another cocoa police car. SUV.. Volusia Sheriff Michael J. According to Chitwood, he was able to put the throttle on the floor and continue driving eight or ten miles north, even though police officers shot him.

“After the unit along I-95 successfully deployed the stopstick, the suspect escaped from the freeway again and plunged into the muddy median around the 258-mile marker.” The Volcia office said in a statement. It was there that Cummings was finally arrested. There is little chance of stealing a third Police car, Even in Grand Theft Auto video games.

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