Five Questions … EV Life Co-CEO Peter Glenn

EV life debtUnder, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Head of Marketing Peter Glenn is driven by his passion to help build a sustainable society by connecting electric vehicle buyers with loans that involve incentives.

Peter Glenn, Co-CEO and Head of Marketing, EV Life

Fintech EV Life Offers Consumers With access to EV climate loansto roll back government tax credits and rebates to the loan agreement at the point of sale to make EV adoption more affordable for consumers.

“Our biggest challenge is”For the past three years, we’ve focused on how to make electric vehicles more affordable than gas-powered vehicles,” said Glenn. auto finance news“Making the Price of Electric Vehicle Adoption [less expensive] Really what makes people switch, and they must take care of the environment. This is often a secondary factor. First, it must be cost-effective. “

Glenn, he said, developed his passion for sustainability by hiking nearby forest trails with friends and family when he spent his childhood in Portland, Oregon.

“Having a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world’s natural beauty has made me value the planet and our place within it,” Glenn said. “Throughout my career, I wanted to nurture it in different ways.”

Glenn’s commitment to promoting sustainability began when he volunteered as an activist in Tanzania in 2002 before returning to school to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree in sustainability management. I got a job doing business development at a company. Phoenix International, Helped scale solar energy to power more than 3 million households in Africa.Glen’s commitment to sustainability led him to found EV Life College friend and business partner Kevin Fabro 2019.

Auto Finance Excellencespoke to Glenn about his career, his approach to leadership, and his drive to support sustainability through the adoption of EVs. Below is an edited version of the conversation.

Auto Finance Excellence: Please describe your company’s goals in 10 words or less.

Peter Glenn: finance an electric car at a cheaper rate than gas [vehicles].

AFEs: What do you think are the most undervalued lending trends?

page: It’s about electric car financing. Traditional car lenders believe they should be financed in the same way as gasoline cars. What I think they’re missing is that these cars have a huge green premium, and they also have tax credits and rebates to offset that premium.

AFEs: What’s your favorite piece of leadership advice you’ve ever received?

page: There have been many, but the one that stands out to me now is “Put on your oxygen mask first.” That advice came back to me when I was helping market a product for my employer. glass doorI have a wonderful manager named Katherine and she always said that the best leaders come from a place of integrity and health, take time off and take time for yourself and lead from a foundation of self-care. is our responsibility. Take care of the people on your team. First, put on your oxygen mask. It’s not just good advice for flying. Very important for any type of leadership.

AFEs: Who has had the biggest impact on your career?

page: People are all different, but in terms of how I think about my career vision and current trajectory, I’ve been focused on bringing people together and dreaming big about future technology. Make an impact and solve tough global challenges. At this time, it is important to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles so that we can keep up with the impacts of climate change and help people save money.

One person who had a great influence on me that I never met was buckminster fuller, futurist and designer of geodesic domes. His words really stuck with me in my travels over the last ten years. “Many people try to change human nature, but it is really a waste of time. Human nature cannot be changed, but tools can be changed. [and that way] You can change civilization. “

The idea here is that there is no value in changing behavior in a sustainable way, but if we create technology and tools and processes that will move us all in the direction that society should go in order to live. will be able to Towards a more sustainable and prosperous world.

AFEs: What surprises your employees to find out about you?

page: I have strong East African roots and speak Swahili fluently. I have lived in Tanzania for about 5 years and his wife is from Tanzania. I am the only non-Tanzanian citizen in my family and have many good friends and life experiences in East Africa. They seem far removed from my daily life in California, but they’re still a big part of me.

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