Five Hidden Features of watchOS 11 Unveiled Beyond WWDC

This year’s WWDC proved to be a significant event for Apple, showcasing previews of its latest operating systems for the Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac, and iPad. Alongside these updates, Apple also introduced Apple Intelligence, its specialized AI set to power upcoming device features later this year.

After getting hands-on with the latest update to the Apple Watch, watchOS 11, there are several features worth highlighting that Apple didn’t emphasize.

  1. Nap Detection: Previously, sleep tracking on the Apple Watch required using Sleep Focus and didn’t cover afternoon naps. With watchOS 11, this changes, marking a step towards a more comprehensive sleep tracking system.
  2. Customizable Ringtones: Surprisingly not highlighted by Apple, watchOS 11 now allows users to change ringtones, text tones, and alerts for reminders, calendar events, and mail notifications, providing greater personalization options in Settings > Sound & Haptics.
  3. Native Translation App: The Translation app is now pre-installed on the Apple Watch with watchOS 11, making it more accessible for users and enabling real-time translations directly from their smartwatch.
  4. Smart Stack Enhancements: In watchOS 11, Live Activities on the Apple Watch include new features like displaying “now playing” information for apps such as YouTube or music, conveniently accessible via a widget in the Smart Stack.
  5. Apple Watch Ultra Training Complication: Exclusive to Apple Watch Ultra users, watchOS 11 introduces a new training complication on the Ultra watchface, aiding gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts by displaying progress directly on the watchface.

As future betas of watchOS 11 are released, more hidden features are likely to surface. For those eager to explore these updates ahead of the official release, installing the beta is possible via the Watch app on your iPhone, navigating to General > Software Update > Beta Updates, and selecting watchOS 11 Developer Beta.

While beta installations offer early access, it’s important to note that reverting to a previous version isn’t straightforward, so caution is advised for most users considering this option.

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