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Fittipaldi says the 2022 F1 calendar is “too much” for drivers

Last week, the FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council put the longest rubber stamp in F1 history on the 2022 calendar, which consists of 23 Grand Prixes.

The Miami Grand Prix debuts and all Grand Prix in Australia, Canada, Japan and Singapore will be back after a two-year forced absence by COVID-19.

Two-time F1 World Champion Fittipaldi considers the calendar’s swelling to 23 races to be “crazy,” and owner Liberty Media is looking for more races in the future.

“I don’t know what to do [drivers] We can handle 22 Grand Prix. “

“Too much, too much. Next year 23rd, it’s crazy.”

Fittipaldi, the 1972 and 1974 World Champion who raced in the era of 11 to 17 races each season, was in a “hard life” for everyone involved, even if F1’s current merry-go-round tests were significantly reduced. I explained that there is.

“Not just for the driver, but for the mechanic and the whole team,” he added.

“Formula 1 is now very demanding because of the commitment you have to make.

“Given the number of days they stay at home and travel during the season … it’s a lot.

“There were 14 and 15 Grand Prix in our time, but there were a lot of tests between the races. Now there aren’t many tests, but they went to the simulator and got some physical training. I am.

“Today is difficult because there is still a commitment among the race-related Grand Prix.”

Pass Fernando Alonso, Alpine A521, Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo Racing C41

Photo: Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport image

Despite being critical of F1’s extended drive, Fittipaldi, who participated in the US Grand Prix in Austin this weekend, supported plans for a series to conquer the United States.

Fittipaldi did just that after his F1 career, winning the CART title and Indianapolis 500 in 1989 and adding another Indy 500 ring in 1993.

“The Miami Grand Prix was finalized in early May next year and we’re about to hold our third Grand Prix in the United States. They want the American public to know about F1,” Fittipaldi said. A longtime resident of Miami.

“In my opinion [with] Due to social media interference and Netflix access, a younger generation of fans who aren’t crazy about F1 are coming to America.

“Now they want to see Formula 1, teenagers and younger, and that’s the future of Formula 1, and I think there’s a lot more people in America.” Fittipaldi says the 2022 F1 calendar is “too much” for drivers

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