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Find out how Tesla produces EVs in Giga Shanghai

Tesla Recently released a short video shot inside Giga shanghai Factory in China Model 3 When Model Y When Current, “Primary car export hub”..

As you can see, the manufacturing process is highly automated and simplified by using complex integral parts such as megacasting. This is Tesla’s way to reduce costs as much as possible.

Below is a view of the entire factory. Jason Yang As of July 29, 2021 Typhoon And 3 days heavy rain NS Shanghai-Good luck, There is not much effect.

“This week, the typhoon brought heavy rains to Shanghai for three days. From the photo, it did not affect Gigafactory Shanghai very much. The construction of the river channel served a very good drainage, but along the river. There were some big trees in the channel fell to the ground. “

There are many new cars and many carriers on the premises, and it can be seen that production is in full swing. It should be another strong month. Total factory sales in June are estimated to be around 33,000 EV (including exports)..

The same view Uwa (Recorded on July 30, 2021).

I think the elevated road at night is also interesting.

Tesla’s Made-in-China (MIC) vehicle manufacturing capacity has increased to over 450,000 Model 3 / Model Y (both standard and long-range versions, including performance versions).

Most of the Model 3 production was sent to Europe, Soon, a significant number of Model Ys should be exported to Europe as well. Because the German factory is not ready yet.

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